America the Great dies, not with a bang, but with a whimper

America was founded on Christian principles by righteous men who followed the teachings of Jesus. Jesus taught that men were the children of God, that we should do right for others and not just ourselves. The Golden Rule was to treat others as you wanted others to treat you. Live free and work together. The righteous strove to follow that rule but would often make mistakes. But leftists believe the opposite, that men were descended from animals and so should act like animals. Might makes right. Take what you want from the weak. Liberal social justice is just a means of achieving this through deception saying that they care while not caring to act righteously. Righteousness is consideration of others working together to protect each other. Leftism is enslaving the weak of mind, will, and body. Righteousness is the liberty of loving others. Leftism is the slavery of selfishness.

America enjoyed the blessings of liberty for her first century as righteous Republicans led the nation. Leftist Democrats would occasionally gain power and turn the nation to what is wrong and were quickly replaced. They promoted slavery while Republicans fought for liberty for all. Following the Civil War in which Republicans took Democrat’s slaves away, some of them infiltrated the Republican Party and caused disruptions. But the greatest disruption came when Theodore Roosevelt enabled one of them to be his successor and then ran against him to split the Republican Party and give the next Democrat a Supermajority. Thus, began the dissolution of America in the 20th century.

The nation continued to grow and prosper while Democrats worked to take that prosperity. Their opportunity came after they created a federal bank that the Founders warned never to allow happen. They cheated in elections to make themselves more powerful than they were. With the Stock Market Crash of ’29, Democrats used taxation to force a Great Depression and duped the people into believing rich Republicans destroyed their wealth. That depression spread around the world and caused World War II. America rose from that war untouched and prospered mightily because the rest of the industrialized world had been bombed out. Although America had crushed the fascist branch of socialist greed, the communist branch put up an iron curtain and seized Asia. They spread around the world from there.

It took Ronald Reagan to put an end to Soviet subversion and bring down the Iron Curtain to free Eastern Europe. But Richard Nixon had already sown the seeds of the rise of the Chicoms. As Democrats worked with them, their power and economy bloomed at the expense of the American people. Leftist media would spin a web of lies by which to dupe the unwitty. Ross Perot then split the Republican Party to get Bill Clinton elected for two terms. But America recovered with the election of George Bush. The Democrat media spent eight years slandering him until their smears made it possible to elect a Moslem communist leader of the Democrat Party.

Under Obama with another Supermajority, America went spiraling down the dark road toward communism. The system still worked, however, and the people elected Republicans to control Congress and stop this out-of-control dictator wannabe. Even so, Obama used the power of executive orders to shut down coal mines forcing Americans to buy Chinese coal, funded bogus green energy companies with taxpayer money that went belly up sending their money right back into Democrat coffers, allowed an invasion of illegal aliens through catch and release, and empowered the Muslim Brotherhood to create the Islamic State. He ignored federal judge’s stays.

This set up the victory of Donald Trump to overcome Democrat’s minor voter fraud to save America, and he did a fantastic job of restoring this nation. The left, however, went rabid smearing him and all Republicans, all Christians, and all white people as racist bigots using their own bigoted propaganda, and millions of fools believed them. Trump was hobbled by RINOs who worked with Democrats smearing him as an agent of Russia even as he fought the Russians. They gave Democrats control of the House, and kept Trump restricted by leftwing activist judges obstructing his every action which he, opposite of Obama, obeyed. Still, he overcame their lies and made the economy boom. Their efforts weren’t enough to overcome the love for a patriotic president who was restoring America’s founding greatness. Democrats enlisted the aid of their Chicom allies to inflict a bioweapon they said would kill millions causing President Trump to shut down the great economy he had fostered.

Democrats then spent months smearing him again as not caring and causing this disaster. This resulted in Democrats controlling swing states to the point they were able to force voting to be mail-in for “safety.” They removed all safeguards of voter fraud and allowed millions of anonymous mail-in ballots to overturn an election where Trump received over eighty million votes and Biden less than sixty million. Extrapolation of voting in other states proves this. Democrats are now seizing absolute power making certain that they can retain this fraudulent system so that they will be able to overturn elections in the future. America is now operating under a socialist dictatorship, and the fools who thought socialism is benevolent because of the lies they’ve been told are going to find themselves on the edge of a cliff with a noose around their necks that is steadily tightening.

Biden will not be long for the office as Kamala Harris will be the first woman president. She will be the first black woman, the Democrat, that nobody wanted for president in the primaries. Now she will be in control as Obama’s surrogate for his third term to complete the destruction of the greatest Christian nation in the history of the world that has stood against the evil of leftism, communist fascism, and Islamism, for the last two and a half centuries. Darkness is going to descend on the world once again because Christians in America became complacent and allowed the rise of evil. There is no excuse for the Baby Boomer generation, children of the Greatest Generation, to have allowed this to come to pass. Our children will suffer for our complacency in living in our prosperity. The future of the world will be bleak as communism sweeps over the last free states and subjugates all people into the masses of communist slaves. Their control may become so complete that only the 2nd Coming will be capable of undoing their iron grip on the people.

[Author’s Note: If you are unfamiliar with the Bible, this is foretold. Islam’s Koran and Hadiths tell the story of the Anti-Christ being the 12th Imam. The left believes the Bible is false, that God is the oppressor and Satan the liberator. The god of the Koran is not the same God that is the Father of Jesus. Not understanding morality and spirituality is what leads the worst of people to hate those that have faith. Many who set out to prove Jesus is false became Christians. They understand that it is Christianity that promotes peace, love, and the brotherhood of man, the family, and mutual cooperation. The left has occasionally infiltrated the church to corrupt the people. Some Popes have copied Islam in declaring all who do not bow to him are unbelievers that should be destroyed.

Believing in Jesus has also been mistaught as being non-violent pacifists. Jesus Himself overturned the tables of thieves on the temple steps and said that the state must execute murderers and protect the people from conquest by enemies. Understanding righteousness requires understanding using might for right against the left that proclaims might makes right. America was that righteous force that fought for right but was smeared and slandered by the lying left and now her people will pay the price of their own ignorance. Those who thought the best way for their children to learn that socialism is wrong, that social justice is bigoted lies, thought they must learn by experiencing it letting Democrats win.

The brainwashing techniques of the left and confusion caused by their lying overrode that learning. Even adult Republicans can be heard parroting what Democrats say. Those who believe that President Trump incited a riot with his speech didn’t listen him. They probably voted for Obama and didn’t learn the total truth of him and his leftists. It is naïve to give Democrats the benefit of the doubt. It takes time to prove lies false. Most people are too distracted by the next lie to finish investigating the first. This is a deliberate tactic of deceivers. They know that lies that tug at the heart are more readily believed than reason that is recognized over time by the mind. For example, anything Democrats do now to “investigate ballot fraud” will be for show. They won’t be investigating their own crimes. They will be finding out who voted Republican to go after them.

You do not teach by letting people make the same stupid mistakes that their predecessors made. You teach by informing and educating them about how the left lies and how to see through their lies. You teach by setting the example and admitting your flaws, not by submitting to defeat. Believing lies is to believe the corruption of the left to somehow be righteous. And you must teach each succeeding generation of ignorant children lest they become corrupted. In this we have failed and that’s why America has fallen into the darkness of leftism that will now silence the moral majority once more. America’s hope for the future will be in a 2nd Revolutionary War, and that will cost millions of lives because evil never submits to civil disobedience. They crush their opposition by force. Civil disobedience can only overcome a wrong committed by the righteous. Evil never admits to being wrong. Only righteous might can overcome evil.]

P.S. As of this publication the Big Tech leftists have censored President Trump and all Republican dissenters. Democrats say they are defending the Constitution even as they violate is very foundation. Republicans in Congress are joining with them and will only be the party of whiners. Donald Trump and his family will be persecuted by the ruling Democrats. Pelosi intends to impeach him after he’s out of office to declare he and his family can never again run for office. Dissent will not be tolerated in the totalitarian socialist nation of the Communist States of Amerika. The nation will be steadily taken apart, our rights will wilt away, and the people who say they are the party of love and tolerance will crush all opposition to their dictatorship. As in all states of communist fascism and Islamism you will submit or die!

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4 Responses to America the Great dies, not with a bang, but with a whimper

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  2. Eileen says:

    Trump invoked the insurrection act over the weekend. He is on Parler, Gab and telegram.


  3. Roy says:

    We are bombarded with ‘there’s no excuse for rioting and violence’ owing to election results. Many Republican’s, through their silence or vocal objection, have joined Democrat’s in blaming president Trump. McConnell and others have accepted the obvious election fraud and indicate to all that it’s okay – accept it and live with Socialism – it won’t be so bad. Repub’s allowed section 230 to stand and gave Tech companies authority to censor any speech they deemed fit.
    A second Revolution is likely needed to refresh freedom in the USA. President Harris won’t hesitate to order the military to crush any dissention. Indication is that Republican representatives will join her.


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