Democrats terrorizing Republican’s families to obstruct election investigations

Antifa Nazis terrorize the wife and baby of Sen. Hawley attempting to break into her home while he is away, threatening to set fire to it and drag them out into the street to be killed.

Sen. Josh Hawley’s family was attacked by Antifa Nazis attempting to break into his home. It’s just a matter of time before they go into the homes of Republicans to murder them. The D.C. police did nothing. NOTHING! These terrorists need to be killed! Every last one of them! There is no place in America for these kinds of thugs! Are we a civilized nation or not? Do we allow packs of animals to roam about murdering citizens? Why has President Trump not declared them to be domestic terrorists? W-T-F!!!?

Leftists and liberals are filled with such irrational, rabid hate for America and Christianity that they are willing to sell their souls and freedom to bring us down. Their hate-filled corruption runs so deep that they will enslave themselves to the very people who enslaved them before to make Republicans that they stupidly blame slaves. Democrats will vaccinate Islamist terrorists in Guantanamo who live in an open-air prison before America’s elderly. Every time we point out the insanity of their policies, they call us kooks, and when we decry their socialist tyranny, they accuse us of being the terrorists. The backwards world of leftism will leave the real world in shambles. Good people won’t rise up until every vestige of freedom has been taken away and by then it will be too late.

When it comes to dealing with terrorists, I believe in Marshall Wyatt Earp’s system of justice he used in dealing with the Cowboy Gang mobsters in Tombstone who wore red sashes as their symbol. “I see a red sash and I kill a man!” When criminals become terrorists ignoring all laws of man and God then they are rabid animals that must be exterminated. When government becomes so corrupt that they support these gangsters in court and make laws to protect them, then they, too, must be cast down and destroyed! Nothing less will stop them. This is the only time I agree with the adage of kill them all! Ignorant liberal fools need to be educated, but leftist terrorists and their government leaders need to be annihilated.

So long as terrorists are allowed to roam free then no one is safe. Democrats who encourage them are equally guilty. All of them must be brought to justice or all of us will suffer the consequences of letting evil rule. Antifa Nazis, BLM communists, cop killers, street thugs, and terrorists are all the same ilk that deserve no consideration except a bullet in the head or a place on the gallows with a rope around their necks right alongside the Democrats and RINOs who empower them. They have ambushed and assassinated police. They have murdered citizens. And whenever a cop or citizen fights back, Democrat mayors, prosecutors, and judges persecute them! The joke will be on them when Democrats turn on them to destroy their own rabid animals that they unleashed on us because they turn on their masters. They all need to be destroyed or they will rule over us all as evil dictators!

Mark Stein talks to a liberal wacko who is so full of hate for Republicans not doing enough for him that he would have everyone suffer as slaves to Democrats. He is living proof that an intelligent man learns from his mistakes, a wise man learns from the mistakes of others, but stupid people do the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Listen to him at min. 30:45-34:50.

[Author’s Note: Hearing how Hawley’s family was terrorized, and the police did nothing to protect them, has me incensed with righteous wrath! This is still AMERICA! Until Democrats actually steal power and fundamentally transform this greatest of Christian nations into a socialist toilet of communist fascism, righteous law must rule! The extent of their utter corruption is how they have made themselves rulers over their cities that are the heart of crime and corruption in America. The police chief of Washington, D.C. has threatened a newly appointed Republican representative who refuses to give up her gun and surrender her right to self-defense to his police who do not protect Republicans! She refuses to submit and stands against Pelosi’s emasculating our language to make it “gender neutral” by eliminating from law terms like mother and father. (We won’t have Founding Fathers of 1776 anymore. It will be the founding communists of 2021.The election of Obama may have been America’s death knell, but the elevation of Biden to the presidency will be the last nail in the coffin of the United States of America.)

America is about to become a communist country out of shear hatred and stupidity by Democrats. They are filled with such hate that they are willing to cut their own throats, become peasant slaves serving their elitist dictators as the masses of the unwashed rabble. Such people deserve what they get. They will suffer far worse than conservative Christians no matter how much they strive to harm us. They are the people who hate God and will embrace anything else that stands against Christ. Their Nazi thug brown shirts, known as Antifa/BLM, will keep the masses terrorized, while Democrats make our government their totalitarian toilet. They will eliminate the filibuster, appoint six addition leftist judges to the Supreme Court, make two Democrat controlled regions into new states to pack the Senate, give citizen’s right to thirty million illegal alien communistas, and make their anonymous mail-in ballot fraud the law of the land.

We must not only fight to destroy their terrorists, but we must fight to overthrow their dictators and their thugs that include their leftist police. It is only because we have sat back and allowed the left to gain ground that we are in these straights. It is shameful that the children of the Greatest Generation that stopped Nazism, that beat back the communists, brought down the Berlin Wall, and tore apart the Iron Curtain, have allowed the remnants of the Soviets and the Chicoms we helped develop to so deeply corrupt this nation with the evil of leftism. This is our fault, the Baby Boomers, for allowing the left to turn this nation away from God and embrace the immoral nature of these scorpions and snakes. Our fate is deserved if this nation falls and our only hope will be the 2nd Coming of Christ.]

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2 Responses to Democrats terrorizing Republican’s families to obstruct election investigations

  1. Roy says:

    “Good people won’t rise up until every vestige of freedom has been taken away and by then it will be too late.”
    I didn’t want to believe the number of elected republican politicians who are siding with the democrat’s to destroy America. Since there won’t be a ‘next fair election’ it appears a 2nd Civil War is justified. Apparently the warning “We must never forget” has been forgotten and the Brown Shirts are in charge again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dustyk103 says:

      I guess you haven’t been reading all my articles, Roy. This is the 2nd Civil War and this time Democrats are winning. If they succeed in making America into their communist dictatorship then we will have to wage a 2nd Revolutionary War to be free again.


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