Election 2020 – Trump preserving America vs. Biden tearing down America

This is it! The greatest battle of the 2nd Civil War is about to unfold. When Democrats declare days after Election Day that they have flipped the election with their voter fraud so that Biden wins, they take over Congress, and demand that Trump vacate the White House, will he fight or will he fold? Donald Trump has been a godsend. A conservative Christian patriot billionaire who has jumped into the Washington swamp rat’s chili and upset their globalist applecart. He is in the fight of his life to stop the forces of elitist corruption from enslaving the USA. Will you stand with him or against him?

Democrats have made it abundantly clear that it is their intention to join with their most radical leftists to unmake America and remake her in their image as a socialist one-party dictatorship. They have imported America hating communists and Islamists that they intend to make the dominant power in this country. Ilhan Omar is representative of what Democrats have become – America haters allied with foreign enemies to bring the nation down from within. Even the most ignorant liberal dupes cannot be so deaf, dumb, blind, and unable to smell to not know this is what they are supporting. Exposing Biden’s corruption is the proof that Democrats impeached President Trump over false allegations of doing what they have been doing for decades. This is why Donald Trump was elected to drain the swamp.

“Ours may become the first civilization destroyed, not by the power of our enemies, but by the ignorance of our teachers and the dangerous nonsense they are teaching our children. In an age of artificial intelligence, they are creating artificial stupidity.” — Thomas Sowell

Democrats are desperate. They unleashed this bioweapon on America to shut down the Trump economic boom, and now they need to steal this election so they can steal taxpayer funds from red states to pay for the destruction they have done to their own blue states. Their intention on their social media is to censor the truth so they can dupe the ignorant, gain votes, steal power, and then sweep knowledge of their corruption away. Is Durham withholding the report on Obama’s spying because he fears Democrats will win and open gulags? It’s not because he’s afraid of influencing the election by exposing the corrupt! AG Barr is failing the people when he declares that he will not investigate and prosecute Obama, Biden, and Hillary for their crimes and treasons against the people. The excuse that prosecuting them when they were high elected officials which could tarnish their offices is crap! Does being elected president mean you cannot be charged with treason or murder? Democrats have certainly been willing to charge and persecute President Trump with their false allegations of Russia collusion.

Joe Biden says America needs a president who will unite us not divide us. That president is Donald Trump. Democrats do not want to unite with the rest of us. They want to overthrow and rule over us. Democrats are the communists, fascists, whatever brand of socialists you can name. Communists and Islamists use American’s rights to free speech to promote their ideologies by silencing the rest of us. This is the double-edged sword of liberty. We must protect free speech, but not if that speech promotes evil. Satanists cannot be permitted to promote human sacrifice under the banner of freedom of religion. Likewise, communism and Islamism cannot be allowed to flourish when their ideologies are the opposite of American liberty.

Twelve years ago, Rush Limbaugh was asked to write 400 words about what he wanted from an Obama presidency. Recognizing that Obama is a Moslem communist who wanted to overthrow this nation and eliminate America as the only superpower, he responded that he only needed four words – “I hope he fails.” He wasn’t wishing for America to fail but for communism to fail. Obama got eight years of duping liberals into believing he was working for the benefit of America. His refrain that he was transparent and scandal free was a simple lie that only oblivious fools believe.

Donald Trump is now on the verge of making that wish come true. His greatest achievements have been in a roaring economy, rebuilding our military, re-establishing fair world trade, and even bringing peace into the Middle East. In the middle of all that he has also reshaped the courts to replace leftwing radical activists with constitutionalists. But this war will not be won in the courts. It will be in our streets and spill our blood. If enough of the military assist Democrat thugs in overthrowing the president there will be another American Revolution. Hopefully, there will not be many mutineers supporting Democrat communists. Victory will come when President Trump empowers the Insurrection Act to put down this Democrat revolt! True victory will come when Democrats are struck down and their leaders hang for their attempted coup.

[Author’s Note: Leftwingnut media days Biden is innocent because he didn’t list his crimes on his tax returns. What a freaking surprise! Raise your hand if you’re such a stupid liberal that you think this is proof of innocence. The Covid plague is spiking massively right before Election Day. What a freaking surprise! Raise your hand if you think this is just a Democrat ploy to terrorize you from voting in person and finding out that Democrats mailed in a ballot in your name. Now we know who is intelligent and who is a damn fool liberal lemming.]

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Economy recovers growing 33.1% in third quarter (Democrats are trying to spin this with the simple math liberals don’t understand. The nation dropped 33% in the 2nd quarter. It would have taken a 50% increase to get back up to even. But blue states remain locked down. The nation needs another 10% rise in the 4th quarter to be even again and that won’t happen until Democrats take their boot off the necks of their citizens. The left is strangling their own state economies to smear Trump with lies about destroying the economy just as they are smearing him with lies of Covid deaths by lying about how many nursing home victims they murdered. Now their idiots are saying the proof of Biden’s deep state corruption is just a smear of “Russian disinformation.” How dense do you have to be to be fooled again? That’s why they used that smear against Trump. Democrats are always whatever they smear Republicans as being.)

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    Excellent article based facts not conjecture or feelings.


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