Patriots Stand Back and Stand by for War After Election

White Supremacy vs. Black Power: What’s the difference? If you think one is an evil racist ideology and the other is justified because they are oppressed, you are a stupid bigot. BOTH are EQUALLY wrong! Both are racist. Both are hateful. Both are evil ideologies. When you make an excuse for one then you are no different than those that make excuses for the other. If you think the difference between a “n*gger” and a “redneck” is that one is white and the other is black, then you are a racist! They are the same kind of people. They are both racists. They are both haters. They are both bigots. They are both criminal. They are both wrong.

America is only divided because there are people who are teaching their children that people of another race are stealing something from them. This only results in these people justifying their crimes against others. All of these people, regardless of race, are all leftists. Anti-white racism by blacks is identical in every way to anti-black racism by whites. The only gray is in the minds of those who lack the moral compass to see that fundamental truth. White racists used to be much more numerous in the past, but they have today been far surpassed by black racists who promote phony ideas like white privilege and critical race theory that is just another way of promoting black bigotry.

The so-called “alt-right” are just a pack of leftists muddying the waters like the leftists who claim fascism is rightwing instead of leftwing to confuse the ignorant. All of these groups, racists, communists, fascists, Nazis, Islamists, all of them are anti-Christian ideologies. Why do you think they all band together to destroy Christians and Jews? Christianity comes from Judaism. Jesus is a Jew. Why do you think their symbols are those of pagans? The swastika, the sickle, the fist, the pentagram, the burning cross; these are all symbols of hate, symbols of evil, symbols of satanism. The left is never right because the left represents all that is wrong.

The one truth on which you can always rely with these kinds of negative people is that if they don’t have one distinctive group to hate, they will find another. If it isn’t black, white, yellow, or red skin then it will be people who don’t have blonde hair, or blue eyes, or who have big noses, or have red hair, or are short, or are fat, or are not very bright. They are hateful people who always blame others for the problems they create for themselves. Those who are just and righteous identify the problem and work toward a solution. Hateful people just look for a scapegoat they can demonize and destroy to make themselves feel better. The essential elements of leftism are victimology, fearmongering, hate, and blaming others rather than taking responsibility for yourself.

Death of a Nation – How the left has smeared the right as becoming the racist Nazis that the left has always been and still is to this day, except that they have concealed this truth behind their ideology to make God the oppressor and Satan the liberator


Democrats say they want a fair election. They also say there are no violent Democrat protesters as if it has been Republicans rampaging through their own streets for months rioting, burning, and murdering people in their own neighborhoods. (Democrats should have learned the lesson growing up that you don’t sh*t where you eat.) White people being born into privilege is as big a myth as black men’s johnsons. (We all know that, if there was any truth to it that, the porn industry would look like the NBA.) With Adam Schiff, who lied in front of cameras for three years that he had proof of Russia stealing the election, is once again blaming Russian interference for Biden’s emails. What kind of fool believes him? Obama is promising more of the same hope and change he campaigned to continue under Hillary. Liberals just prove over and over to be the some of the people that can be fooled all of the time.

Pelosi has already announced that they will use the eighty million unsolicited anonymous ballots to flip the election days after Election Day. Democrat’s plan is to throw the election into turmoil so that it will become Congress’ responsibility to straighten it out. Pelosi will go to the White House as if her re-election were legitimate and try to evict the President. This is when her militants of Communist Black Lies Murder and Antifa Nazis will hit the streets and go after Republicans. They won’t restrict their actions to their own city streets. They’ll come out into the suburbs to attack American citizens. Get your guns ready.

Democrats don’t believe in being fair any more than they believe in science. They keep saying this virus will get worse, that we should have more lockdowns, while Sweden has already proven that lockdowns are not only useless but have a negative effect. Even the left’s vaunted W.H.O. is now saying that lockdowns are killing the poor. Liberals won’t follow the science any more than they do over climate change that cannot be affected by the actions of mankind. They will start their civil war in earnest declaring Trump to be a usurper and themselves to be the New Revolution. But theirs will be the American Marxist Revolution.

This shutdown has been an unmitigated disaster. It was only supposed to be for two weeks to slow the spread. You know that there are Democrat operatives deliberately spreading this virus just as they deliberately put infected people into nursing homes and denied people lifesaving medicines. They let people sicken and put them on ventilators instead. Even at its worst the hospitals were not overwhelmed as Democrats claimed they would be. Cuomo said New York would need forty thousand ventilators and ended up only needing four thousand. They wouldn’t have needed that if they had used Hydroxychloroquine with anti-biotics and zinc as doctors instructed. But they wanted to inflate the danger to force the shutdown.

That some Democrat operative got into the Rose Garden to deliberately infect the President and 1st Lady, and some others like the hated Kelly Anne Conway and Kayleigh McEnany, when every person there tested negative beforehand is obvious. There are no coincidences. This was an outdoor event that lying Democrats are now calling “a super spreader event proving that the virus spreads outdoors.” Democrats are striving to keep the people terrorized by Covid and by their fascist street thugs. This virus will continue to be headline news until after the election. They will keep their states shutdown regardless of how much it damages the people so they can blame Trump.

Liberal’s economic beliefs are as foolish as their scientific beliefs. They are based on their fallacious philosophy of leftism rather than science, simple math, and good sense. Taking a left on the road winding right up the mountain of prosperity is a fatal error that will result in the USA’s demise.

Get out and vote but be aware of your surroundings at all times. There will be Democrat militants at polling stations. Some will be fascist thugs trying to intimidate people not to vote Republican. Some will be jihadi terrorists using guns or knives who will try to kill Republicans before they can vote. Bring your friends and family to watch over you. Democrats are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and kill to regain power and make you pay for the destruction they have done to their own states. Those 80 million ballots in the wind will be filled out by Democrat operatives and returned using the names of those who don’t ever vote. We have already found over a million Republican ballots thrown in the trash. Millennials, who never show up at the polls, will be represented by mail in the millions without their knowledge. If any show up they will be turned away and Republicans will be blamed as racists.

The only way to have a true vote is to install new federal machines in all polling stations that include a paper ballot and have all people show up in person. If they can’t produce enough machines, spread out the vote over days using alphabetical order to separate people. Machines must electronically identify everyone with a picture ID as a citizen and by their fingerprint on the registration using ink that will last for days. The people will cast their vote and receive a pair of paper ballot copies to be sure they match their electronic vote. On one of which they will again place their fingerprint and input their vote into the tallying machine. Their copy they keep with their ballot number so they can review their vote at any time confirming it has not been altered in the future.

Only in this way can voter fraud be stopped. Democrats will scream that every last one of their illegal ballots must be counted. That’s when they should be locked up! Democrat leaders like the Bidens, the Clintons, and the Obamas have proven themselves to be gangster crime families operating in the government. Only their liberal dupes and America hating fascists believe in them. It is time that they be rooted out and put down. If President Trump fails now, then Democrats will seize absolute power and no election hereafter will be enough to overthrow their one-party socialist state dictatorship.

Young Woman Explains Why We’re Voting for Trump in Less Than a Minute

[Author’s Note: Frank Luntz asked a focus group of undecideds why they can’t make up their minds? With Democrat fascist thugs rampaging in city streets and Biden hiding his agenda, they weigh this against their perceptions of Trump’s character and can’t decide? They think he’s a racist? That’s why I say these people are not the wise weighing options. They are the oblivious who believe Democrat’s smears that Trump is a mean old white supremacist, and that Democrats are for the people. They can’t decide which to believe – their lying eyes of Democrat lies. This is the kind of ignorance that will stupidly take America over the cliff of socialism. We already know the next debate will be a Trump smear in which Biden is prepped on the questions, the moderator is a Democrat hack, and Trump will not be allowed to speak about Biden’s crimes.

I recognize the qualities of genius in Donald Trump. His brain is moving a thousand times faster than his mouth. He tries to dumb down what he’s thinking for the common person by saying things like, “It’s like nothing you can believe,” or, “Nobody’s ever seen a thing like that.” He is not an eloquent orator like Ronald Reagan. He’s a down in the dirt fighter who will not submit to anyone. He’ll get in the mud with the leftwing media and wrestle them down till he mushes their faces in their own muck. He’s a man after the hearts of some of America’s greatest war leaders like Ulysses S. Grant and George Patton. Both men were brash, untempered, and crude, but both were indisputably great war leaders. Trump is leading us today in the war with the left that wants to overthrow the Constitution.]

Democrat’s Climate Psychosis says Trump is Killing the Planet!

This election is NOT close! 2/3rds of the people are firmly against Democrat’s socialist policies, and 3/4ths are firmly in favor of Republican law and order policies. How does that equate to a Democrat majority? There cannot possibly be a contest in this election. There was loads of fraud in the last election which is how Democrats got a majority with illegals voting in California and massive fraud in New York and Illinois. They then distracted the nation from Democrat crimes with Russian collusion and impeachment. How many liberal fools still believe in Democrat lies?

Now, Trump offers to continue improving America, while Joe Biden says he has a plan to solve all of America’s ills that he hasn’t told anyone is fifty years in government, and that people don’t have a right to know until after he is elected. That’s because his plan is to give the presidency to a radical Democrat socialist militant to reimpose Obamunism. This election will be massive mail-in voter fraud by Democrat operatives attempting to steal this election because Democrats recognize that Trump will come after them for their crimes. They must steal this election or go down in flames. If Trump does not prosecute them for their crimes, or sweep away their voter fraud machine, then America will be lost, and patriots will have none of that!

Biden’s commercial appealing to Moslems and BLM communist agitators

Trump White Supremacy vs. Biden Antifa

Stolen Mail and Stolen Ballots

NEW Biden EMAILS: Bidens Actually Sold Our Country Out For Personal Profit to China and Ukraine

Biden: Muslims Will Serve ‘At Every Level’ of His Administration

Unprecedented’ number of officers leaving Seattle Police Department, report says

Minnesota Democratic candidate alleges outright vote buying by Minnesota Democrats: ‘worse than Somalia’

Person On Email Thread Involving Hunter Biden Verifies Veracity Of The Messages, Report Says

Military Ballots Found in the Trash in Pennsylvania—Most Were Trump Votes

Killer Cuomo ‘Not That Confident’ in FDA, Thinks Americans are ‘Very Skeptical’ About COVID-19 Vaccine

WATCH! Seattle Police Officer Attacked with Burning Piece of Wood, Sets Cruiser ON Fire With Cop In It

De Blasio considering shutting down early voting sites in Jewish areas

Cops Stand Down as ANTIFA Terrorists Attack Trump Supporters at Rally in Ithaca, NY

Biden is equally guilty of the racketeering charges that should be made against him. He shouldn’t be standing for President. He should be standing trial!

Trump dresses down reporters for being either criminally negligent or criminally complicit in concealing Biden’s crimes

White House Chief of Staff Warns of a Lawsuit Against Tech Giants For Blocking Biden News Reports

50 Cent doesn’t want to be “20 Cent” and tells blacks to support Trump and not be Biden’s black chumps

Biden’s Campaign – Hide, Lie, Smear

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

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  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    There is a crusade to exterminate the White race and all Whites need to use whatever means necessary to preserve it before you will no longer find anyone with Blond hair or Violet or even blue colored eyes unless they like so many Negroes bleach out their hair or use tinted contacts.

    I kid you not, a Negro woman Dating domain member who had blue tinted contacts inserted when I asked her if her eye color was naturally blue her reply was, “I wish,” even Negroes consider blue a more appealing eye color than brown, in a few cases gray, or in some very rare cases green.


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