Transition Your Vote from Democrats – Vote for America to Rise NOT Decline

“We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” – Joe Biden

Biden was either having a demented moment or making the greatest Freudian Slip in history. He openly admitted that Democrats have put together the greatest organized voter fraud scam in the history of this country. Do you still believe that Democrats and their media saying that mail-in voting, the system that has always been rife with fraud for decades, is now the best safe way to vote? I need to sell you some sandy beachfront property along the Sahara Desert at a premium price as if it’s the California coast!

Joe Biden: We Have “The Most Extensive and Inclusive VOTER FRAUD Organization”

The Coming Democrat Coup

Socialism or Capitalism: Which is more democratic?

It is one week until Election Day that will be thrown into chaos with mail-in voter fraud. Are you voting for Donald Trump to renew making America great again, or are you voting for Biden to return us to Obamunism and manage America’s decline? Do you remember that Obama said he would manage America’s decline? Donald Trump ran against that philosophy and crushed Obama’s chosen successor. The left represents what Obama believes – that communism and Islam should replace American capitalism and Christianity. Donald Trump represents the greatness of American Christian capitalism that has created the first middle class in history that made America the greatness nation in history. If you don’t recognize these two vital facts, then you have been deluded by leftist propaganda.

Obama couldn’t recover the economy for eight years from the “Bush Depression” that Democrats created by sabotaging mortgage banks. Reagan and Trump recovered the devastated economies of Carter and Obama to boom in just three years! Trump “inherited the longest streak in job growth” only because there was nowhere to go but up and Obama did it slowly with choking taxes and regulations. Remember how the Stock Market skyrocketed with Trump’s election after Democrats said it would crash? Remember that Obama said Trump could never bring back manufacturing unless Trump had a magic wand? Remember five dollar a gallon gas and high utility prices because Obama shut down oil drilling and coal mining in the USA? Remember how the economy soared after Trump cut those taxes and deleted those regulations? Do you remember Biden bragging about extorting the government of Ukraine not to investigate his son’s corruption as a corporate officer in a foreign business of which he knew nothing?

Do you trust Joe Biden with America’s money? Do you trust Democrats with the economy? Do you put your faith in the left? Contrary to Donald Trump, who is only accused of lying by the left because he disavows things like their Russian collusion scam, global warming fraud, and exposes Obama spying they say is a conspiracy theory, Democrat lies are easily proven for those who don’t close their minds to the facts. Just because leftists deny a fact doesn’t make it false any more than just because they avow a falsehood to be true doesn’t make it fact. Donald Trump is a man of his word and everything he says can be verified, while everything leftists say can be proven false. You just have to be willing to investigate rather than take people at their word. This is the common character flaw among liberals to trust people’s words without examining their deeds.

Biden wins the Pinocchio of the Year award for telling a multitude of lies in which he is on video saying he will persecute Americans during the primaries, then declaring during he will not be a leftist during the general campaign. He plays word games claiming he is honest because he didn’t say something verbatim but said it another way using different words. His calling Trump voters “chumps” is a progression from Hillary calling them “deplorables” and Obama calling them “bitter clingers.” All three disparage and persecute Christian Americans for their faith and beliefs. Biden says blacks who don’t vote Democrat “ain’t black.” What does that mean?

They say Trump ridicules people similarly and that’s a lie. He has called the media dishonest fake news and his opponents who disparage him losers, but he has never once mocked any citizen. Conservatives like myself say liberals are dupes who think stupidly with good reason. They villainize and demonize us as racists with no evidence, only their irrational hate, while canonizing their own despite their bald-faced lies that are obvious to all. Biden keeps saying Trump has no plan as he gins up hate, tries to take credit for Trump’s achievements, and blames others for what Democrats have wrought.

Biden constantly twists his words. For example, Biden said:

  • “I never said I would defund the police.” No, he said he would “redirect” their funding to social services. If we redirected his salary to somewhere else do you think he wouldn’t say we defunded his two-faced hide?
  • “Not one person lost their insurance under ObamaCare.” No, their private insurance that they liked was just abolished and they were forced to buy into ObamaCare.
  • “I never said I would ban fracking.” No, he said he would eliminate it by phasing it out to be replaced by “renewable green energy” as if solar batteries could power jet planes and windmills could power millions of homes.
  • “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source in my life.” No, his son and other family members were installed in companies for which they are unqualified, and from which they received big money. This came from countries like China, Ukraine, and Russia, e.g. the $3.5M that Hunter got from the wife of Moscow’s mayor, and then gave daddy, the “Big Guy,” a cut.

Democrat’s Unhidden Agenda

Biden says he will not do what Democrats campaigning in the primaries all declared they would do. Biden can honestly say he has never said he would take away people’s guns. He just plans to appoint Beto to be in charge of enforcing Democrat’s socialist law after the phony Texan declared he would come into our homes and seize people’s guns by force. Can you believe anything that Biden says when he is the puppet of the DNCC – Democratic National-socialist Communist Committee?

  1. Biden says he will not raise taxes on the poor, only the rich.
    1. Biden will reinstate the ObamaCare Penalty Tax that will be levied on the poor as it was under Obama/Biden. They will destroy healthcare by establishing socialized medicine in the name of providing free healthcare for all.
  2. Biden says he will not defund the police.
    1. Biden will “redirect” funds away from the police that he says is not the same thing. Depends on how simple-minded you are to not see through this. How about we “redirect” your salary to someone else and see if you feel like you were defunded?
  3. Biden says he will not ban fracking.
    1. Obama/Biden closed coal mines and oil drilling. Biden vowed to his base during the primaries to do so again. Don’t be a simpleton dupe.
  4. Biden says he is innocent of gangsterism, that the charges are smears.
    1. Biden’s children got high level jobs for which they were unqualified with banks and businesses in Delaware where he was a senator. The Bidens began their foreign business involvement after their father became VP. Biden bragged about extorting Ukraine to save his son from a corruption investigation.
  5. Biden says that Trump & Family are guilty of gangsterism.
    1. No one in the Trump family has conducted business in fields they don’t know with foreign investors like the Bidens have since their father was elected president. They actually shutdown foreign businesses costing the family a billion dollars. Democrats falsely accused Trump of extorting Ukraine and impeached him over their false allegations.
  6. Biden says he would handle the Coronavirus pandemic better than Trump by “following the science” and shutdown the country until the virus was gone.
    1. He originally said stopping travel from China was racist. Everything he said that should be done and that he would do had already been done by President Trump. Medical experts are now saying that the shutdown did more harm than good.
  7. Biden says he would bring businesses back to America.
    1. Under Obama, he and Barack shipped businesses out of the country to China, Mexico, and elsewhere and they got rich through it. Now he is just plagiarizing Trump in this as he has over Covid and telling the people bald-faced lies with his forked tongue.
  8. Biden and Obama still say their administration was transparent and scandal free.
    1. People were not allowed to read the Affordable Care Act until after Democrats made it law. Obama’s scandals are more numerous than any president in history, and they are all concealed by the leftwing media. They call them “debunked conspiracy theories” when they have been proven the truest of facts or when no investigation was allowed. Whereas every one of their accusations against Trump was manufactured and disproven in investigations.
  9. Biden says he would make the military strong.
    1. Obama severely weakened the military, depleted their ranks and munition stores, and exposed troops to greater danger through his Rules of Engagement. Trump reversed all of this. Again, Biden speaks with forked tongue.
  10. Biden would fight global warming instead of global terrorism.
    1. Biden and Obama funded Islamicists to create ISIS which grew for three years under their administration to become a dominant power. Trump destroyed it in a few months. They allowed Ambassador Stephens to be assassinated in Libya to avoid exposing them funneling money to the Islamic Jihad. Obama sent billions of American taxpayer dollars to Islamist and communist countries that want to destroy us.
  11. Biden says he will fund climate change programs.
    1. Climate change is a scam. It is a natural state of change which cannot be affected by man for good or ill. Shutting down American energy would only make the nation reliant on Chinese coal and Arab oil. Wind and solar are no match for the power of fossil fuels that are abundant, cheap, and not the catastrophic environmental destroyers Democrats pretend them to be.
  12. Biden says he will promote immigration of good people into the USA.
    1. Biden has vowed to take down the wall and allow any illegal to enter the U.S., give them citizenship rights, and award them benefits and free healthcare at taxpayer expense. He will allow criminals along with the drug trade and human trafficking to cross our southern border unrestricted.
  13. Biden says he would not stack the Supreme Court or the Senate.
    1. Democrats have made clear their plan to install six additional liberal seats on the Supreme Court so they can create two additional states with four more Democrat senators, do away with the filibuster, and establish themselves as dictators for life. They will make America a one-party socialist state.
Is this the Biden campaign’s secret signal to the Chicoms? Why did they pick to make the E red without the spine? Coincidence? There are no coincidences in politics.

Democrat smears of Trump

  • Trump stole the election with Russian help to be Putin’s puppet.
  • Trump will take away healthcare protections for pre-existing conditions.
  • Trump will destroy Medicare
  • Trump will bankrupt Social Security
  • Trump puts immigrant children in cages
  • Trump separates immigrant children from their parents
  • Trump is racist xenophobe

What do Democrats have to offer besides hatred for Trump? What do they propose besides smearing Republicans as racist white supremacists? What are they if they are not bigots who believe white Christian Americans are all evil? What do Democrats recommend besides submission to socialist tyranny? What do Democrats represent besides ignorance? The left is never right. Biden and the Democrats offer America nothing of value. Everything they have is negative. There is not a policy of theirs that does not involve taking more money from Americans and giving it away to greedy deadbeats, foreigners, and fools. Biden and the Democrats offer America only the return to the oppression of Obamunism to manage America’s decline and submit to our enemies.

Let’s compare Trump Republicans with Biden Democrats side by side

Donald Trump offers America a return to the booming economy that… Obama and Biden built? Just because Obama/Biden had a positive growth economy for four years doesn’t make it a boom wave that Trump rode. Their economy never grew better than a wimpy 1% per year. Just because they began with a severe recession that Democrats created by nuking the economy with their mortgage banks doesn’t mean they made it grow. Obama’s high taxation and regulations choked the life out of America’s economy. They blamed Bush for the mortgage bank crash that the Democrat party engineered. Now they try to blame Trump for the Covid crisis they engineered with the help of their Chicom friends.

Joe Biden doesn’t offer a recovery from Covid and a return to the Trump Boom. He offers a return to Obamunism with another shutdown that is killing jobs, the same high taxes and choking regulations to promote the Green New Deal, socialized medicine, and communist tyranny. They propose to achieve this through fascist terrorism and rigging the system by stacking the deck so that they would never again lose an election. Obama Democrats are incensed that a Christian patriot overturned their donkey cart when they were on the verge of establishing themselves as rulers of America. Now they talk about patriotism and caring about the little guy as if anything they would do would be for the people’s benefit.

Along with their high taxes, Democrats avow to make life better for illegal immigrants by giving them every benefit that taxpayers pay to enjoy. They would give them free healthcare and the vote to usurp power over citizens. They would give themselves a permanent majority in Congress, control of the courts, and power over the vote. Anyone who stands in violation of their commandments would be deemed a heretic and destroyed. This is how socialists have always ruled and always will. Believing they would be benevolent is for children.

Donald Trump devastated Biden at the debate. Just because Biden didn’t fall into a stuttering train wreck of dementia because he rested for four days doesn’t mean he said anything good. Trump dominated him utterly. Biden tried to smear him as separating immigrant children from their families to put them in cages, and Trump crushed him. Those pictures leftwing media published of kids in cages were from the Obama/Biden administration. The children are those that Obama/Biden allowed coyotes to bring over the border in their drug smuggling and human trafficking operations. Their parents were probably killed by the cartels so they could use their children as cover. Or perhaps some of the tens of thousands Obama let in that were sent alone by train? Do you remember those pictures Do you remember those pictures of the lone South American children sent by their parents for a better life in Obama’s America that spread disease throughout the country because they were not screened?

Biden offers Americans a return to decline, a flood of anti-American immigrants voting for communism, and the tyranny of socialism. Donald Trump calls him a lifetime denizen of the swamp. Biden promises to fix all the wrongs in America and Trump body slams him with the line, “You were in office for 47 years, Joe. Why didn’t you do it then?” Democrats keep making empty promises and suckers keep voting for them. Donald Trump has fulfilled every promise he made. Obama’s promises were for healthcare costs to go down and instead they went up. Trump promised to eliminate Obama’s restrictions and the America that Obama said we didn’t deserve blossomed once again. Now, who are you voting for and why?

“Joe, I ran because of you. I ran because of Barack Obama. Because you did a poor job. If I thought you did a good job, I would have never run.” – President Donald Trump

“This election is either a choice between a Trump super recovery and a Biden depression.” – President Donald Trump

“Success is going to bring us together.” – President Donald Trump

[Author’s Note: There is no way on God’s good earth that Democrats could have a majority of voters in this country supporting them. Not when there are 2/3rds of Americans who are against socialism and 3/4ths of the people who support Republican law and order. Trump, who is drawing tens of thousands to his rallies versus Biden’s house of flies with the L.I.D. on it operating out of his basement, could possibly lose. But Democrats are relying on a repeat of their 2018 ballot harvesting that stole forty congressional seats after Election Day to be repeated with the addition of millions of fraudulent mail-in ballots. The court of appeals just upheld Pennsylvania’s new ordinance allowing votes to be counted even if the signatures don’t match. WTF?!

As I’m finishing this article, Covid is ramping up again. Once again, the terror plague is being screamed from the rooftops by Democrats demanding another shutdown. Curious how this is happening just days before the election. The White House infection from the Rose Garden event was curious.  How did a dozen people, including the president, get infected when everyone there tested negative beforehand? There are no coincidences in politics. Could there have been a Democrat agent there deliberately infecting people with some secret spray? Could that be happening in places around the country or the world? We already know that Democrats are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and kill to regain power. From their thugs in the streets to the governors putting infected people into nursing homes and denying patients lifesaving medicines. Pelosi is blocking relief Trump wants to provide directly to the people unless the money first goes to Democrat governors to bail them out. I call foul on all people of the left.

Liberals always get incensed when Trump casts aspersions on their lying candidates and lying media. They say he doesn’t want a free press. What is free about Democrat’s press corps? They are about as free as Moslem women. Do they think they’re free? Try taking off that hijab and see how free you are. Let anyone in the leftwing media, Hollywood actors, athletes, or musicians say they are for Trump and watch the torches and pitchforks come out for them! These are the people who say mail-in voting is valid. Don’t tell me that mail-in voter isn’t 100% fraud! Republicans have already found millions of their ballots thrown in ditches. They should throw every last mail-in ballot in the trash. Make people go to the polls as they should. Institute draconian measures to make certain everyone who votes is 1) eligible and 2) only votes once. Then you will see the true level of support for the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party and their anti-American, anti-Christian values.]

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  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Jo Joe’s speaker implant was on the fritz and due to his advance stage symptoms of Dementia he actually admitted that a system of voting that should have been deemed corrupt from its inception is just that.


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