Trayvon Martin got the justice he deserved for his actions

Liberals, both black and white, continue to try to push their narrative that “little Trayvon” was hunted down and murdered despite the acquittal of George Zimmerman.  Testimony in the case revealed that the teen, who was bigger than Zimmerman, was the aggressor.  Trayvon’s girl friend, Rachel Jeantel, stated that Trayvon did elude Zimmerman and go home and then turned to go back and attack him.

Taking this case point by point made by the Left and the Right reveals the truth.

  • The Left claims that Zimmerman initiated the conflict by “stalking” Martin as he was walking home and getting out of his car to follow him.
  • The Right says that Zimmerman, as any citizen, has a right to observe anyone acting suspiciously and that Martin initiated the conflict by entering his neighborhood and, instead of walking straight through to get home out of the rain, was wandering about and looking through windows apparently casing out homes.
  • The Left claims that Zimmerman is a racist who decided Martin was a criminal because he was a black man wearing a hoodie.
  • The Right says that even the FBI’s extensive investigation has revealed no racism on the part of Zimmerman and have proven that liberal media deliberately committed fraud in editing their tapes to make Zimmerman appear to be racist.
  • The Left claims that Zimmerman “profiled” Martin and that is racist.
  • The Right says that profiling is a tool of law enforcement and racism has nothing to do with it.  That young black men are one hundred times more likely to engage in criminal activity than any similar demographic group is a fact and law enforcement has a right to profile.
  • The Left claims Zimmerman confronted Martin.
  • The Right says the police recordings and witness’s testimony prove otherwise.
  • The Left claims that Zimmerman was on top of Martin beating him.
  • The Right says the only eye witnesses said it was Martin on top and Zimmerman.
  • The Left claims that Martin was screaming for help based on his mother’s testimony.
  • The Right says that all other witnesses identified the voice as Zimmerman’s who is screaming for help.
  • The Left claims Trayvon was engaging in “whoop ass” to beat down Zimmerman and that Zimmerman brought a gun to a fist fight.
  • The Right says that Trayvon was not engaging in ‘fisticuffs’ but was bashing Zimmerman’s head on the concrete sidewalk potentially killing him or causing serious brain injuries.
  • The Left claims Zimmerman lied.
  • The Right says that witness testimony, even prosecution witnesses, proved Zimmerman’s case for self-defense.

Both men had an opportunity to avoid this conflict.  The ‘Stand Your Ground Law’ says that a person is not required to retreat when attacked, but George Zimmerman did not use that law in his defense, but simply used the self-defense law.  Self-defense requires that a person’s first action in a conflict is to retreat and call police.  Zimmerman, having been eluded by Martin, was retreating back to his car and had already called police.  This is confirmed in the police recording of his non-emergency call for police to come out and investigate the suspicious man he was following.  After Martin’s attack began he was unable to retreat.

Rachel Jeantel revealed in her interview with Piers Morgan what she did not admit to in court, that Martin had also retreated and almost gotten home, but then he circled back and ambushed Zimmerman.  She said Martin called Zimmerman a “creepy ass cracka” which means that he thought he was a police or security guard.  She said that she thought he might be a homosexual rapist and told Trayvon to run from him.  But after getting home, Martin did not call the police.  Instead, he circled back to ambush and attack Zimmerman.

Police instructed Zimmerman not to confront Martin, which he did not.  Black leaders are now claiming he should have confronted him and perhaps he could have explained why he was following him and nothing would have happened.  This flies directly in the face of police instructions to not confront.  When Martin confronted Zimmerman, he immediately punched him in the face and beat him to the ground.

Blacks claim they do not call police because they would be the ones taken away.  This is not 1950 Mississippi where the black man is always wrong, but 21st century America where a black man can become President of the United States.  It stands to reason that Martin could have called the police and told them he thought he was being followed by a gay sexual predator and nothing would have come of the incident once motives were revealed.  But criminals do not call police and Trayvon Martin already had a record, actually being in Sanford because he had been suspended from his Miami school for burglary.

Trayvon Martin was not a little black boy eating his Skittles who was hunted down by a white Hispanic racist.  He was a young man who attacked another man.  Anyone in George Zimmerman’s situation would have believed they were going to be killed and defended themselves if they were able.

Martin had no right to attack and beat Zimmerman.  If he had the gun and shot Zimmerman, he would have been guilty of murder.  The law permits you to defend yourself, not to assault someone because you think he might be a gay rapist.

People do not start out in life as murderers, but Trayvon Martin was on his way to committing his first and was stopped.  And for that, blacks claim they want “justice for Trayvon.”  Justice is what Trayvon got.  What they really want is revenge.

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