Justice for Michael Brown – the facts in black and white

Michael Brown funeral - AP Photo

Blacks demand “justice” for Michael Brown.

Michael Brown, the unarmed black teen shot dead by a white policeman in Ferguson, Mo. has led to a renewal of the black battle cry, “No justice!  No peace!”  There are always two sides to every argument, but there is only one truth.  The story told by racist black agitators of the shooting of an unarmed black teen by a white cop in Ferguson, Mo. is a study in the how rumor and fact function in society.

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” – Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens

The story in black – According to some of the first witnesses, eighteen year old Michael Brown was accosted by a white police officer while crossing the street.  Described as a “gentle giant” standing 6’4” at 280 lbs., they say the officer pulled up to Brown, grabbed him and pulled him into the car through the window.  Brown broke loose and started to run away.  The officer got out of the car and started shooting at him.

These witnesses say Brown stopped and fell to his knees raising his hands over his head in surrender.  They say the officer walked up behind him and point blank executed him by firing several times into his back.  This story spread like wildfire across the nation resulting in protests and soon followed by riots in Ferguson.

The story in white – According to the testimony of other witnesses the officer pulled alongside Brown and his friends and told them to walk on the sidewalk and not in the street.  Brown charged the officer punching him in the head through the window.  He then reached in and pummeled the policeman who tried to pull his pistol while being beaten.

Brown tried to take the officer’s gun and a shot went off causing Brown to jump away.  Brown moved off as the officer exited the car, and then taunted the officer to shoot him.  The officer told him to get on the ground, but Brown suddenly rushed him.  The officer, dazed from the blows to the head, rapidly fired several times and Brown went down.

These two stories are complete opposites.  One says the policeman was a vicious murderer assassinating a gentle young man who was minding his own business dreaming of going to college, and the other is clearly self-defense against a brutal giant.  How can we know which side is telling the truth?

The evidence – The evidence consists of the coroner’s report of Michael Brown’s autopsy, a hospital report of the officer, and a surveillance video from a nearby convenience store.

The autopsy – reports Brown sustained six bullet injuries all fired from the front.  Three bullets struck his right arm, one his upper right chest, one through the eye that exited his jaw into his chest, and the fatal shot to the top of his head.  The only shot remotely questionable is to the right posterior forearm, but that is consistent with being shot from the front because a person running toward the shooter, his arms swinging, would have his forward arm present the posterior forearm.  That the fatal shot was in the top of his head is consist with someone charging with head down or falling forward.


The hospital – report of the officer revealed that his he had a fractured eye socket and multiple contusions of the head and face.  A blown eye socket can only be sustained through a powerful blow, a blow great enough to be life threatening.  Such a blow would have left the victim dazed and unable to focus.  This would be consistent with the officer firing many times rapidly with poor aim.

The convenience store surveillance camera – is the last piece of evidence taken just a few minutes before the shooting.  The video shows Michael Brown and his friends shoplifting right in front of the store clerk.  When the clerk tries to stop him from leaving the store, Brown grabs him by the throat and shoves him away.  The clerk protests, but Brown advances on him threateningly and the man retreats to call the police.  When the officer outside spoke to Brown, he had no idea Brown had just robbed the store as the dispatch had yet to be made.

Convenience store strong arm theft by Michael Brown

All evidence overwhelmingly supports the white testimony and damns that of half the black witnesses as lies.  That this fraud, perpetrated by racist agitators, compounded by out of town thugs rioting, looting, and burning, is a testimony to the lack of racism by white Americans and absolute condemnation of the criminality and racism of black Americans.  That Obama, who has expressed his contempt for white people, would send his attorney general to Ferguson to interfere and inflict his racist bile into the situation makes it worse.  Holder, who also has expressed his racist hatred for whites by refusing to uphold the law against minorities, but persecuting white people over laws that do not exist, has vowed to “get justice for the people of Ferguson,” clearly meaning he supports the liars, protesters, and rioters against the police.

Which story do you believe?

That police allowed rioters and looters to run rampant, destroying the neighborhood, is a crime in itself.  Leftists say stopping them would be racist, that they should be allowed to vent righteous anger and frustration.  What about the good people of Ferguson who owned businesses that were destroyed, who worked and lived in that neighborhood?  How does giving in to racist lies, looting, and rioting help decent people?

The agitators – Blacks from Ferguson, black gangs from other cities, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and AG Eric Holder all contribute to the lies that white police officers are gunning down innocent black kids.  Their efforts would be better spent on the streets of New York and Chicago where a black teen is gunned down every day by other blacks.  They must be told to stop crying, “No justice, no peace,” because justice was done in this case.

Michael Brown got the justice he deserved when he assaulted the officer and charged him after attempting to take his gun.  He made the decision to enter into a life and death fight clearly believing he could win.  The officer, already badly injured, had a choice between allowing Brown to take him down, possibly take his gun and kill him, or kill the large, violent teen in self-defense.  Agitators calling the release of the surveillance video “character assassination” must be told to blow it out their ass.  Telling the truth is not character assassination.

Liberals must be told to stop blaming white people for black crime, which is over ten times more than any other demographic group.  Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. condemned black gangs, crimes, and agitators saying, “Vengeance is not justice.  Know justice, k-n-o-w, and you will know, k-n-o-w, peace.”

So long as the black communities insist that crime be allowed to run rampant, to condemn white police for trying to enforce the law and make their communities safe, they will continue to suffer.  Do they think black police officers would be better?  Perhaps the answer is to pull police out of black communities entirely and let them police themselves.

But that is just the wish of criminals who want to be policed by criminals, and only criminals will benefit.  Like the Brown family lawyer who says there must be a trial of the police officer because there are many witnesses whose testimony is compelling.  The testimony of people proven to be liars is only compelling to fools, idiots, and criminals.

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