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Democrats say Trump/Israel denies Omar and Tlaib free speech

How about Democrats GFY!  Israel denies them nothing except the opportunity to go into their country and tell the world that Israeli Jews are Nazis.  Americans have a right to free speech in America, but NO ONE has a right … Continue reading

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Fear the DNC – Democratic Nazi Communist Party’s Thugocracy

America’s thugocracy is openly threatening Americans who vote against them.  The Democrat Party that has always endorsed Nazis and cozied up to Communists are calling Republicans the party of Nazis cozying up to Communists.  They can only convince liberals of … Continue reading

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American ISIS – the Democratic Nazi Communist Party Endorses Terrorism

Make America Hate Again – Democrats used this as an epithet against Trump’s MAGA, but they have made it a reality in their own ranks. Following the confirmation of an American son to the Supreme Court, Democrats in Congress openly … Continue reading

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The Great Trump Depression

Unlike The Great Obama Depression; 2009 – 2017 that was conducted via a stealth campaign to conceal the effects of Obama regime directives, the Great Trump Depression is not an economic depression, but a spiritual depression.  Liberal Democrats are in a … Continue reading

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