President Trump’s Tweets Constitute ‘Witness Intimidation’

Rabid Democrat Adam Schiff is making a mockery of Americans by presenting “witnesses” to testify on their personal dealings with President Trump by which to impeach him.  Impeachment is meant to be for presidents who become rogue criminals committing high crimes, treason, and taking bribes.  Schiff is accusing Trump of offering bribes to Ukraine to “dig up dirt” (i.e. investigate Democrat corruption) which is not a crime.  International allies trade favors.  To forego Trump exposing Democrats, they are laying out a circus of distractions claiming Trump is unfit to hold high office – as if Obama was.  😀

Schiff brought his next witness, former ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovich, to testify why Trump fired her for being another Obama agent undermining his foreign policy.  During her testimony complaining about being fired by Trump, the president tweeted criticizing Yovanovich whom he had every right to dismiss.  Schiff immediately declared that to be “witness tampering” that “endangered her life.”  As Rush Limbaugh laughed, he’s surprised Schiff didn’t stop the proceedings and have armed guards escort her out to add to his melodrama.

This schiffshow is high drama as the media jumps the shark

Nancy Pelosi is a moron and Adam Schiff is insane.  I just made what Democrats are calling “terrorist threats” akin to Trump’s “witness intimidation.”  The FBI will probably crash in my door.  America isn’t a republic when Democrats have power.  It’s a fascist state in which speaking against it or investigating their crimes are treated as crimes.  That liberals are so stupid as to believe Republicans are fascists tells you that American politics has descended into the sewer.

These schiff for brains morons are playing a Kabuki theater of the absurd for stupid people.  Democrats are not smarter than Republicans.  They are obvious liars.  That liberals are so easily duped is not an indication of their being intelligent but of their gullible.  The problem in Washington for the past fifty years is that Republicans have been afraid of their own shadows as cast by the Democrat media to slap down their lies.  Thank God President Donald Trump is a fearless fighter!  Even if Democrats could remove him from office, we would re-elect him next year.

That’s why they want complete control of the electoral system to “count every vote,” especially their millions of illegal votes by illegal aliens and criminal Democrats.  It only takes a million votes in each state to overturn 80% of elections.  Once they have power, Democrats use it to squash Republicans and force their leftist ideology down the throats of people who refuse their tyranny.  Their thieving leftist hateful base of ignorant liberal dupes will love them until they actually have to live under socialism.  But by then, like Venezuela, it will be too late as Democrats force American taxpayers pay for it.

While Pelosi repeatedly says their impeachment process is “somber and prayerful” as if they are righteously praying to God for salvation, Schiff goes out to prove that Democrat’s only agenda is ousting the man that Americans voted to stop their corruption.

“Two years ago, I stood before you and I urged you to resist and you did, but we are more than a resistance now. We are a majority!  We are a majority in one House, and we will become a majority in the other, and we will send that charlatan in the White House back to the golden throne he came from.  The most grave threat to the life and health of our democracy comes from within – from a president without ethical compass, without understanding of or devotion to our Constitution. There is nothing more dangerous than an unethical president who believes that he is above the law.”

As is obvious, there is nothing “prayerful” about Democrats impeachment as they have been striving to overthrow this president via a coup since election night.  There is nothing constitutional or democratic about their abuse of power believing they have every right to overthrow the election.  It is the lawyers, not the businessmen, who have corrupted Washington.

Democrats have exempted themselves from laws for corruption as they take bribes from foreign powers and extort them as Biden bragged of doing in Ukraine.  Democrats defeated two governors in Republican states giving them the power to continue corrupting them.  So long as Democrats can block Republicans from instituting extreme voter ID, they will be able to eek out victories that will displace Republicans and allow them to institute their socialist agenda to remake America into a deeply corrupted democratic socialist dictatorship.

Pelosi wants government to control censorship on social media

Democrat’s Schiff Show

Democrats say investigating their crimes is a crime

[Author’s Note: This week, President Trump pardoned and exonerated three U.S. servicemen that Obama’s Rules of Engagement condemned as murderers.  Leftists say they are criminals like Lt. Calley of the My Lai Massacre.  One was convicted for shooting men on motorcycles who were charging his platoon refusing to stop.  He believed them to be suicide bombers which is perfectly reasonable.  But because they were found to be unarmed, Obama had him charged and imprisoned.  Despite their being proven to actually be Islamist bomb makers, Democrats convicted him of murder.  It is common practice by Islamists to use the ruse of being innocent in order to murder Americans.  But with a fellow Moslem ruling the White House as U.S. Commander-in-Chief it became easy to frame American soldiers for him to destroy them instead.

This is not righteous or American as it undermined our military.  There is only one instance I know of where an American soldier committed murder in Iraq when he slaughtered a girl and her family for refusing his sexual advances.  The U.S. military does not employ criminals, but some do slip into the system and they are caught and punished.  The left sees all American soldiers who are patriots and protectors as baby killers and oppressors.  Giving Democrats power over our troops is the more treacherous than their polices that give our enemies power over our citizens.  It makes our military weak against foreign invaders, terrorists, and criminals working hand in hand with their effort to feminize American men.  Their allowing transgenders to compete in women’s sports is not empowering any kind of fairness, it is stealing from women athletes.]

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