The Lunacy of Schiff’s Delusions

Are the voters who elected Schiff proud of their representative?  Something to understand about acting is that it is easiest to act wicked, to portray hateful nastiness.  This is because we all feel that darkness in our hearts.  Rising above that, to be loving and forgiving, is the hardest thing humans do.  Actors who can portray that kind of emotion are rare.  Schiff is not that kind of actor.  His smears of Trump are the most base and baseless expulsions of hate possible.  Only a black hearted villain will believe they are coming across positively.  It is the nature of evil people to fool themselves in their effort to fool others.  To be convincing in relating their lies they must believe their own lies.  This is the psychological defect of the leftist.

Schiff says Sondland confirms bribery after denying QPQ 13 times

After Sondland testified that President Trump never asked for anything from Ukraine, elicited no quid pro quo, was not interested in getting dirt on Biden, but only called for the Ukranian president to do the right thing, Adam Schiff said this is proof of bribery.  Schiff counts on the leftist media to conceal testimony and promote his own lies in order to dupe oblivious liberals.  This has been the case from the beginning.  This has been Democrat’s plot since election night.  They have nothing except their contemptuous hatred to level at President Trump who is actually making America great again for everyone – except deluded liberal fools.

The Real Bombshell: “I Want Nothing. I Want Nothing. I Want No Quid Pro Quo.”

Trump says it’s over

Charge Schiff with Conspiracy and Biden with Bribery and Extortion

President Trump’s Tweets Constitute ‘Witness Intimidation’

Democrats don’t care about truth.  They care about perception based on the optics they can create.  The left counts on their oblivious liberals to hear the lying headlines they put out first and never follow up to learn the truth.  That’s why Schiff went to make the headlines before Sondland’s testimony could blow up in his face.  The truth is not out there.  It’s right in front of your face.  Liberals are just too blinded by the light to see it.  Liberal’s suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome and only pay attention to what’s dangled in front of their eyes at the moment.  They see only their reflection on the surface of the water with no thought to what is under the surface.

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