Trump’s Biden Probe a “Distraction” from Impeachment Inquiry

No, the phony impeachment inquiry is a distraction from investigating Biden’s crimes.  Democrats are all swearing that they took oaths to uphold the Constitution and obey America’s laws.  They all say that no one is above the law and that President Trump is lawless.  So, does that apply to Democrats that blackmailed foreign leaders to not investigate their son’s corruption after strong-arming them to give him a job in a field about which he knew nothing? Does that apply to Democrats who falsified documents to get jobs in universities and government?  Does that apply to Democrats who violate America’s immigration laws to create sanctuaries for those who sneak across the border to steal American jobs?  No.  In the Democrat Party these crimes are rewarded.  (And here Pelosi stands in front of multiple American flags as if that makes her a patriot rather than a lawless communist advocate.)

Democrats are engaged in a Cold Civil War against America.  They are against America becoming great and against Trump leading America back to greatness declaring he is committing crimes and confessed his guilt.  There is no whistleblower, there are no crimes, and there are no confessions.  This is just a rerun of their Russian collusion fraud and Access Hollywood lies.

Democrats confess to being so full of shit that they are deliberately spewing it out of their mouths into the faces of their zealots blinding them to the truth.


  • Biden employed thuggery to get his son an international gig to make money through China and Ukraine, then blackmailed Ukraine to not investigate his son’s corruption, and then went on TV to brag about it.
  • Pelosi initiated a faux impeachment inquiry to distract from that fact. If they actually want an impeachment inquiry, then pass the vote in the House.
  • Americans are being subjected to the same Russian Collusion fraud that Democrats have been perpetrating for almost three years.
  • Now Democrats want to impeach Trump for investigating their crimes.

The media is smearing Trump as falsely using blackmail tactics on Ukraine to “dig up dirt” on Biden, while they falsely accuse him of committing the crimes that Biden did.  Pelosi began the inquiry on the basis of a false, third party hearsay whistleblower complaint.  The Intel community changed whistleblower rules to allow hearsay two days before releasing this complaint that was held onto by Schiff for weeks before being exploited.  This isn’t proof of Trump-Russia collusion.  This is proof that there are still elements from the Obama administration spying on Trump trying to undermine him.

Whistleblower complaint rules changed to allow hearsay 2 days before

Disgusting politicians always deflect, equivocate, and conflate the facts.  This fraud has been perpetrated on an unwitting, oblivious public to appease their rabid base.

  • Russian Collusion v1 – was the Mueller probe that spent two years trying to dig up any crime by which to charge Trump and came up empty.
  • Russian Collusion v2 – When that exploded in their faces, v2 was begun by the Judicial Committee under Nadler and that balloon was burst in days.
  • Russian Collusion v3 – Now Schiff is attempting v3 on the Intelligence Committee where liberal Democrats are in charge, which is the only time that military intelligence is an oxymoron.

Pelosi attempting a faux impeachment inquiry is just horse manure to shovel into their rabid base’s eager mouths promising them it is full of nutrients.  A true impeachment inquiry is only begun by taking a vote in the House of Representatives.  All they are doing now by subpoenaing Trump officials is once again conducting a witch hunt fishing expedition to dig up dirt on Trump, and to lay perjury traps by which they can blackmail someone to turn on him to become a false witness.

Democrats say Republicans not complying with their impeachment subpoenas constitute obstruction.  BS!  There is not official investigation.  The Constitution requires the president to have committed a crime to be impeached.  What crime did Trump commit?  Being falsely accused is not a crime.  Asking foreign leaders to root out corruption is not a crime.  His only crime is slapping Democrats over and over.  The crime is Democrats making false accusations then declaring Trump to be guilty until proven innocent.

Scalise slaps Pelosi in the face

Democrats say Trump must remove the mote in his eye before he can tell them to remove the tree in their own eyes.  Why must Trump be a perfect human being before pointing out the crimes of Democrats?  Obama still says his administration was scandal free because the leftist media covered them up and called news outlets that revealed them liars.  Biden’s racketeering is just one of a thousand Obama scandals, but par for the course of being Democrats.

Democrats say leave Joe Biden’s son alone

The Ukraine brouhaha is all about Trump’s phone call that was about Hunter Biden.  Democrats saying it is a distraction are at the very least, disingenuous a-holes!  Enough of their false allegations, phony premises, slanders, and lying arguments.  Biden and his son and this so-called whistleblower are the crux of the issue, not a distraction.  The distraction is everything Democrats are accusing Trump of doing that Biden actually did!  He didn’t ask a foreign leader to “dig up dirt” on an opposing candidate.  Hillary did that!  All Trump did was ask them to get back to investigating the corruption that Biden blackmailed their government to cease.

This Democrat attempt to undermine the president is Russian Collusion v3.0 and it is high time that Trump took the offensive and charged these lying Democrats for their crimes.  Morally intelligent people recognize that it is not fact based when they start the investigation into a crime before any evidence of a crime is found.  If the Biden’s name was Trump can you imagine how ballistic Democrats would have gone?  They’d go into orbit beyond the Oort Cloud!  And how is it the CIA was permitted to change whistleblower rules to include hearsay?  Only leftists and oblivious fools render judgement on a lie to condemn those who seek the truth.

When Trump was elected, his sons stopped their international dealings.  When Biden was elected, his son started his international dealings getting a job in an industry of which he knows nothing in a foreign country in which he has no experience.  His only qualification was his father’s position to blackmail the Ukrainian government.  Democrats accusing Trump of being the Thugocracy running the world falsely accuse him of committing the crimes they did.

Trump either needs to drop the hammer or give it up.  If Democrats are allowed to stall until the election and able to commit enough voter fraud to at least keep the House and take the Senate, even if they can’t steal the presidency, they can steal the power to overthrow the Constitution.  Giving Democrats the opportunity to continue to expand their massive voter fraud by harvesting false ballots and submitting them after election day to allow them to overturn elections is the pinnacle of folly.  If Democrats can corrupt Texas elections enough to turn it, then America will end.  Lower the boom or face the consequences of inaction.

Democrats are engaged in a Cold Civil War

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