Obama talks sh*t at MLK’s Dream 50th anniversary

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the fifty years since that glorious speech, the black family has fallen apart, black leaders have excoriated and extorted from the good people of America who advocated their freedom from discrimination, and have led King’s people down the road to poverty on the Democrat plantation.  Renowned actor Charlton Heston, another great Republican like Lincoln, stood on those steps with Martin Luther King, Jr. and spoke that day to end injustice in America.  He is now reviled by the Left and demonized by the Democrat Party that includes 95% of blacks who now stand with those who fought hardest against emancipation and civil rights.

I had a dream, but it became a nightmare

As predicted by Rush Limbaugh and conservatives, Barack Hussein Obama stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on this 50th anniversary of King’s “I have a dream” speech, and proceeded to hijack that dream for his own purposes.  Obama, who never misses an opportunity to demonize Republicans for all the ills that blacks have been suffering under Democrats, spoke of America before King’s speech and acted as if that is the America of today.  He then made shameless references to the call to stop voter fraud through voter IDcalling it a barrier, and was equally shameless in decrying the criminal justice system that found George Zimmerman innocent of murder in shooting his teenage attacker, Trayvon Martin, who attempted to crush his skull on the sidewalk.

Obama said,

“But we would dishonor those heroes as well to suggest that the work of this nation is somehow complete.  The arc of the moral universe may bend towards justice, but it doesn’t bend on its own.  To secure the gains this country has made requires constant vigilance, not complacency.  Whether it’s by challenging those who erect new barriers to the vote or ensuring that the scales of justice work equally for all in the criminal justice system and not simply a pipeline from underfunded schools to overcrowded jails it requires vigilance.”

Obama blames Republicans for all the suffering his own policies have caused over the last five years in destroying jobs.  He stirred blacks to rise up and commit more crimes, as if committing ten times more crimes than any other group was not enough.  He impugned the wealthy for being rich and not giving away their wealth, and advocated stealing from them.  What he did not say, as Martin Luther said, is that the way of the righteous is through peace.

Rush predicts Obama will hijack King’s day

Not a single conservative of any race was invited to speak at this event.  This travesty of celebration, this farce of justice was inflicted on Americans by a man whom the color of his skin is not nearly as black as his heart.  Obama’s deception of America, without shame or remorse, continues unabated as he steals trillions of dollars from taxpayers, their children, and their grandchildren to line the pockets of his own rich friends and fellow Democrats.

Lloyd Marcus condemns liberals in all their hatred

Following King’s assassination came a tidal wave of racists that turned his movement for justice into an industry of hate.  Jackson, Sharpton, Malcolm X, the Black Panthers, Black Liberation Theology, and Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam are all anti-white, racist individuals and organizations that promote division and strife to keep blacks separated from whites.  They advocate for the same Democrats who fought Lincoln on the Emancipation Proclamation, and fought Republicans again during the civil rights movement.

Since being elected America’s first black president, Obama has rubbed the people’s noses in the stench of his own corruption and wallowed in the cesspool of his vengeance for being a black man in America.  Obama has brought the Race Hatred Industry to its pinnacle in the deepest depths of depravity.  Martin Luther King is not smiling at a country that followed his path to the peace, justice, and prosperity of which he dreamed, but is weeping at the road to Hell down which his people have been led.

“What King was describing has been the dream of every American,” Obama intoned.  “…the chance, through honest toil, to advance one’s station in life.”  True, this is what the Christian conservative Republican, Dr. King, wanted.  But this is not what Obama has promoted during his tenure as president.  Contrarily, he promotes class envy, racial animosity, and contempt for those who have labored throughout their lives to succeed in business and become wealthy.

Obama said, “We must not turn from each other, or on each other, but towards one another.”  This from the man who has divided America in every possible way; by race, by gender, by ethnicity, by income, by sexual orientation, by age, by religion, and even by political party.  Obama has declared all white men to be racist, bigot, sexist, homophobes hoarding the wealth of the nation.

Well this writer is here to say almost everything Obama tells people is not just a lie, but a pack of God-damned lies; that white men are not the bane of this world but its greatest boonChristian white men are the creators of this great nation.  A nation where anyone, and I mean anyone, can realize the American Dream and rise to the greatest heights through honest labor.  White men are responsible for the greatest advances in science, medicine, technology, and a just culture.

If I sound like an angry white man, you’re wrong.  This is not anger; it is righteous wrath at the unjust duplicity of this president and his party.  And, if you don’t believe that white men are the ones who made this world a better place and made this nation the greatest in history possible, if you believe they are racist, bigot, sexist, homophobes, you prove yourself to be the worst kind of bigot; that of the closed-minded, self-righteous hypocrite.

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