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Democrats celebrate 5th anniversary of Ferguson

Democrats Presidential candidates are again tweeting the exposed lie that Michael Brown was murdered by a racist white cop while trying to surrender.  They are celebrating the life of a vicious criminal thug killed while trying to murder a police … Continue reading

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Hands up, don’t shoot!  Pants up, don’t loot!

Members of Congress imitate rioters who put their faith in a lie.  Rather than supporting criminals, these so-called lawmakers would serve the people of this nation better if they told these criminals and their admirers as an unknown Ferguson policeman … Continue reading

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Ferguson Grand Jury pokes Holder in the eye, Obama spews his bile

Criminals rampage when the Ferguson Grand Jury no bills Officer Wilson for killing a giant teenage thug in self defense.  Obama offered an angry, worthless comment calling for police “restraint” in the face of the riots. Despite Holder’s best efforts, … Continue reading

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