Rabid Democrats Insanely Blame Trump for Mass Shooting

Democrats are literally frothing at the mouth damning President Trump for the mass shooting in El Paso.  Their phony, insane outrage is over white supremacism blaming Trump and Republicans as being racist murderers.  Obama had three times more mass shootings in his terms than three previous presidents combined.  Who among Republicans ever said it was his vile anti-American rhetoric that was the cause?  The man who funded Antifa and ISIS is the man behind the curtain of government actions to divide this nation.  This leftist smoke screen to gin up insanity among their hateful base is going to be the cause of the next thousand attacks by Democrats.  Using Alinsky tactics taken from Mein Kampf they send their own terrorists out to kill in the guise of their enemies in order to smear them in the eyes of the ignorant.

Kellyanne Conway CRUSHES Democrat schemers

Tucker damns Democrats as scavengers

Hannity spells out Democrat hate crimes, lies, and evils of leftists

Ingraham wrecks Democrat hate mongers

The only reason Democrats scream racism at Republicans is to distract from their own hate crimes.  Leftist Democrats are admittedly the vilest, most disgusting, basest creatures who are almost sub-human in their uncivilized behavior.  The speed with which they rush to judgment, to smear Trump before any facts are truly known virtually screaming from the television, blaming the shooter in El Paso as a “white nationalist, white supremacist, racist, hate-filled terrorist Trump supporter,” and that Trump and all Republicans are to blame for his actions, is so extreme that it is obvious that this is not as they say.  This was a leftist plant, ala Mein Kampf and Alinsky tactics, of sending a leftist out to commit acts of terror in the name of the righteous in order to demonize them.

Democrats are out cursing Donald Trump as the root cause of all domestic shootings.  They are all fundraising with their America hating base.  Which of these foul pundits smeared Bernie Sanders for the shooter at the Republican congressional baseball practice?  Which of these liars smeared AOC for the attack on an ICE facility in Washington?  Which of these scumbags said one word about the shooter in Dayton that quoted Elizabeth Warren?  The left is responsible for all mass shootings.  A thousand terror attacks have occurred in the name of socialism, Democratism, and Islamism in the United States.  How about the government start taking action against all of their hate speech?

This is another false flag operation like the fake hate crimes they commit to blame on Republicans.  But since those fall on their faces they decided to make a real terrorist attack and engaged a young psycho to pretend to be a rabid Trump supporter so they could blame Republicans for all racism and all mass shootings in America demanding that they take the blame that is assigned to them and be responsible for this act.  Have Democrats ever taken responsibility for creating the KKK, for Jim Crow laws, or for oppression of blacks for a century after the Civil War?  No.  Now they claim Lincoln was a Democrat and southern Democrats were Republicans.

Their casting the shootings at mosques in New Zealand as “white supremacist terror attacks” is just horsesh*t.  They are counter-jihadi attacks by people who are incensed at the invasion of their homes being sanctioned by their government.  Not surprising at all after the thousands of Moslem terror attacks, rapes, and invasions of other countries.  Moslems, of course, curse their victims for fighting back.  It is leftist ideology that when you reap what you sow it’s the fault of others.  The same would be happening in Europe if the people were not disarmed by their radical leftist rulers.  This is why the moral intelligence of the people of countries like Poland, Hungary, and Italy are turning away from leftist rule, and why defending 2nd Amendment rights is so vital.  Obama led America down the road to Hell and the world is reaping his fruits.

Democrats fund raise off of mass shootings

The Takeaway from El Paso Mass Shooting

[Author’s Note: President Trump needs to do much more than just take Democrat’s arrows and throw righteousness back in their faces.  No news agency ever blamed Obama for the hate and violence he crafted.  I do!  It doesn’t take rocket science to connect the dots of his funding of Antifa and ISIS and the rise in domestic and worldwide violence.  The attacks on police with Democrat mayors telling them to stand down from arresting Antifa rioters is a reflection of these 60s radicals spitting on soldiers.  The left has always been the home of hate, fearmongering, and deception.  So long as they are allowed to continue to use the media to promote lies, censor the truth, import Latino-communists and Islamo-nazis, and defraud elections, America will continue it’s slide into socialist slavery.]

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