Nothing comical about raging liberal comedian’s bloodlust

Liberal rage is their comedy.

Kathy Griffin is a comedienne and she’s sooooo funny!  Holding a bloody head of President Trump is a joke!  LOL!  It’s as funny as people posting pictures of Obama being lynched, making movies about Bush being assassinated, and telling jokes about Jews being cooked in ovens.  It’s all in good fun.  Just a joke.  A comedian making a funny.

What’s so funny about liberal comedians?  Liberals don’t make jokes.  They mock.  Mockery is funny when it’s not about you, which means mockery isn’t funny.  It is hateful designed to harm a person under the guise of being humor.  But the only people laughing are the haters.  Liberal rage over their Trump Derangement Syndrome is reaching pandemic levels.  Half of them want to assassinate the President.  Leftists want to outlaw anyone speaking out against Islam and its teachings of jihadi terrorism as hate speech, but they want their hate speech to be laughed at as comical.

While conservatives wanted Obama gone, only a very tiny few wanted him dead.  Most recognized the only reason he is a threat to America is because of the people being corrupted by the Left to join him in destroying America.  He’s still in the news only because the leftwing media wants him to still be president – they want him to be their king.  Liberals believed Obama was a great president because he utterly duped them as he tore down the American economy, stifled American energy, depleted the American military, persecuted American law enforcement, and gave taxpayer’s money to the world’s terrorists, criminals, and tyrants.

Liberalism is no joke except in their belief that their hate and rage and thieving hearts are benevolent and beneficial.  Thanks, Kathy Griffin.  You are now the poster girl for leftwing liberal rage and hate.  Your joke is the personification of liberalism: ignorance, immorality, hypocrisy, hate, bigotry, and rage.  It illuminates other liberal jokes such as your beliefs that man can control the climate of the planet, that global warming creates terrorism, that jihadis just need jobs, that Russia stole the election from nana Hillary, and that socialism makes the world a better place.

Notice the similarity of mindset between liberal Democrats and Islamic jihadis: 

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5 Responses to Nothing comical about raging liberal comedian’s bloodlust

  1. jonolan says:

    There’s 80 million true=born Americans under arms. Let our domestic enemies keep on as they’re doing. Sooner rather than later I think they’ll cross the last line and we’ll exterminate them, and the sorts that they pander to- and enable en mass.


    • dustyk103 says:

      How about we educate them? Extermination is what leftists do with their political opponents. The only people we need to destroy are their leaders who are duping the masses, and the best way to destroy them is to expose their lies.


      • jonolan says:

        Have you seen any signs whatsoever that they’re amendable to reeducation? That’s what is would be after all, not educating them but reeducating them.


        • dustyk103 says:

          The deceivers are not redeemable, but they can be crushed. Of the masses most are mislead and learn over their lifetimes who they have been deceived. That’s why most young people are liberals but most older people are conservatives. What America needs is to take the leftist deceivers by the throat and choke them out of public education, colleges and universities, and the media. Right now they control them all by a vast majority. It will take a concerted effort on the part of the people through their government to put the kibosh on liberalism.


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