Special Prosecutor Investigates Trump’s Russia Connection!


Special Prosecutor Mueller to investigate Trump-Russia

These are the fantasies of the Left.  Democrats keep calling for Trump to be impeached on their insane trumped up charges of misconduct.  As delusional as this is there are some 20% of people who are so detached from education, let alone reality, that they believe it could actually happen that Trump be removed on the basis of their accusations and Hillary put in his place!  Liberals are trying to manufacture crimes where none exists while they ignored the crimes of their own people.  Trump gives them a Special Prosecutor to run them through a maze of their own creation knowing they won’t find any cheese at the end.  As they chase their own tails perhaps he will have some peace from their constant attacks to do more good for the country.  But leftist lies still must be contained lest they infect people’s minds like a fascist virus because he knows that a lie that is big enough told often enough eventually becomes the truth.

Liberals are so uneducated, irrational, and two-faced that the word hypocrisy doesn’t really attach itself to liberalism.  Duplicitous, two-faced, pathological liars, deceitful, two-faced, maniacal, violent, two-faced, dangerous, and two-faced all apply.  Two-faced is the most accurate descriptor of liberalism because they consistently espouse two opposing opinions of theirs as being correct.  The Democrat media’s smears of Trump accusing him of doing what Obama actually did makes clear that they are not objective journalists, but propagandists.  President Trump rightly labels this for what it is – a witch hunt.  Obama did exactly what they are accusing Trump of doing when he and Bill met with AG Lynch to get the investigation of Hillary shut down, and then she got Comey to take the fall.  But you hear them singing his praises while damning Trump because they think he thought of doing the same thing.  Leftists are not trying to convict Trump for wrongdoing, but manufacturing their own fantasies so they can to vilify him in the eyes of the people and convict him in the court of public opinion.

Hannity slams leftwing media’s vitriolic insanity

Leftist media accuses Trump of violating national security endangering lives

The media itself is violating national security endangering all Americans in their efforts to sabotage Trump by leaking all these lies.  Just as the Democrat Congress nuked the economy in 2008 to sabotage McCain’s campaign, leftists today are trashing national security in their efforts to undo Trump.  These are the people who gave the presidency to a man raised in a foreign country where he was taught to hate America.  Barry Sotero, aka Barack Hussein Obama, was raised to be a racist, socialist, and Islamist, and they made him Commander-in-Chief while America is in open war with the Islamic Jihad.  Obama weakened America economically, militarily, and diplomatically to the cheers of half of the country, while that same half cried about how poorly the country was doing, but they were easily duped that it was the fault of Republicans who had no power.  These leftists deliberately violate Constitutional and congressional law to obstruct President Trump from performing his duties as president restricting illegal and hostile immigrants from entering the country.  They say Trump is guilty of “intending” to ban people from the country for reasons of racism, but they gave Hillary a pass on violating national security because they cannot prove “intent.”  So, by their logic, no one is guilty of manslaughter because there was “no intent” for drunk drivers to kill anyone.  But liberal judges say Trump is guilty because they can read his mind to see his “intent” to stop illegal immigration and the Moslem jihadis on the basis of what they believe to be his racist nature despite lack of any evidence throughout his life history that he is anything but just.

CIA officer exposes Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood infiltration

Liberal media crimes, misdemeanors, and insanity are the order of the day when it comes to President Trump.  When Obama and Hillary did ten times worse things during their terms the liberal media wasn’t just silent, but actively covered up their misdeeds.  Trump Derangement Syndrome is real and we are seeing it.  Democrats in the media repeatedly attempt to fabricate stories to manipulate public opinion against Trump.  You can look across the entire spectrum of liberal media outlets and all of them say the exact same things about President Trump:

  • Trump has a “crisis of credibility” over firing Comey.
  • Firing Comey was “obstruction of justice.”
  • Trump is implementing “a coup.”

Do liberals even know what these words mean?  Firing Comey obstructs nothing.  Unlike Clinton, who fired his FBI Director over the White Water probe to put one in place who would block it, or having a clandestine meeting with Obama’s AG to get the investigation of Hillary squashed.  No special prosecutors were assigned to them!  And “a coup?”  wtf?  A coup is to overthrow the rightful government.  How do you enact a coup against yourself?  That’s just stupid!  A coup is the Democrats trying to overthrow Trump and put Hillary in the Oval Office against the will of the American people!  Talk about a loss of credibility – the leftwing Democrats and their sycophantic media lapdogs have zero cred with all intelligent people who love America.  Leftists are as incapable of understanding the English language as they are of reading people’s minds about their “intent.”  These people do not live in reality.

Liberals always project their duplicitous mental illness onto Trump and the Right.  Their leftwing judges, who are violating the Constitutional and legal rights and powers of the President, say that their interpretation of what Trump said during his campaign is the basis of their ruling.  Claiming they can read his mind and determine the deeper meanings of his actions based on what he has said in the past is the epitome of psychosis.  At the same time, leftists at the NYT say Trump should start governing instead of campaigning.  They haven’t missed the fact that Trump has reinvigorated American energy, oil drilling, coal mining, and steel production.  They just want to find ways to distract the people from noticing all that Trump is doing to improve the economy by crushing Obama’s legacy.  According to the liberal media the best thing Trump can do is bend over and grab his ankles for them to give him a microscopic anal probing and then fall over and die.  Contrarily, while they were with Obama, they had their noses buried so far up his rectum that not only could they not smell his corruption, but they couldn’t even see his treasonous activity or hear his lies.  Everything they imagine Trump has done to violate anything is entirely in their delusions of what they wish were true, while Obama’s gross misconduct and violations of the Constitution were done in full view of all.  Where they were hush hush for Obama, they scream treason at Trump imagining him doing as Obama did.

Campaigning vs. Governing

The Left keeps claiming that every new election, every vote against Trump is the entire nation voting against his policies.  What can be seen in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District race, as always, is the Democrat campaigning as if he is a Republican while claiming that Republicans will govern as if they are Democrats.  If people ever paid attention to what their elected representatives actually do rather than listen to what they or the media say then maybe this country could get on the right track!  The media, except for a very few outlets, is the Democrat Party.  When you realize that they are not reporting the news, but are Democrat hacks spreading leftist propaganda, conducting smears, and covering up liberal lies, then you may begin to see the truth.  When you understand who the Left is, anti-American Communists who want to destroy this country as founded and not American patriots who love this country, then you will achieve the enlightenment of the educated conservative over the ill-educated liberal fool.

The Decline and Fall of the American News Media

A side-by-side comparison of Trump’s activities vs. Obama’s tells the whole story:

Trump’s Triumphs                                Obama’s Sabotages

  • Trump lifts job killing regulations     Obama raises taxes thru ObamaCare
  • Opens American energy                       Shuts down coal and oil
  • Arrests criminal illegals                       Releases criminals into communities
  • Bans jihadis from America                  Invites jihadis into the White House
  • Sets out to destroy Jihad                     Armed,financed Moslem jihadis
  • Puts sanctions on Iran’s nukes           Gives Iran billions of dollars
  • Stands by European allies                   Forces Europeans to be Moslem toilet
  • Lets Democrats investigate                 Shut down investigation of Hillary
  • Ran an open, honest campaign          Obama spied, Hillary smeared Trump

Ninety percent of the media sold their souls to the Devil long ago.  Do you want to follow their lead or follow the Truth?  You cannot believe lies and be enlightened.

Democrats will persecute Trump regardless of the outcome of any investigation

RUSH: “If they find some [evidence], I’m not gonna believe it. I’m gonna tell you right now, I’m not gonna believe it [because you can’t find something that doesn’t exist – you can only manufacture it]. If they don’t find some, the other side’s gonna say they don’t believe it, and the media, not the Democrats, are gonna — as you say — impanel endless roundtables on TV to discuss how the once-great Bob Mueller ended up being corrupted by Donald Trump. That’ll be number one. Number two: “How did they miss it? With all the leaks to the Post and the Times, how did they miss it?” They’re not gonna accept this, and it won’t matter. The media is gonna continue the premise that Trump cheated, that Hillary should be the president, no matter what happens with this investigation. That’s why I think it’s a waste of time.”

Coup against Trump led by GOP insiders working with Democrats

Duplicity of Democrats

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3 Responses to Special Prosecutor Investigates Trump’s Russia Connection!

  1. EIleen says:

    Finally followers (or trolls) of leftwing blogs or FB pages are saying that even those with leftist inclinations are getting fed up with this whole Russian thing and wish that the Democrats would just drop it and move on. I hope this translates to the voting box where they replace the current emotionally challenged Democrats with ones who have brain cells left. I think that the President can work with Democrats better than Republicans because Democrats won’t stab him in the back like the RINOs will. That being said, they (Democrats) have to wake up to the fact that their leadership, most of whom belong in a nursing home MUST be replaced with younger leaders who are to the right of the current leadership, so that they, too, can be part of the middle 60% which is where Trump is.

    It is one thing to be opposed to Trump; it is quite something else to be in favor of overthrowing him just because their candidate lost. When the rank-and-file Democrats realize this, THEN the President can move forward with his agenda. Being a former Democrat, he is well aware of what rank-and-file Democrats want before the party was hijacked by George Soros. A refusal to take Soros money will make him go away and that can only be done by regular non-politically connected Democrats. Until they stand up and show a spine, this nonsense will continue. The Republicans are a has been and unless the RINOs impeach Trump, the party is his to ruin or take to greatness.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dustyk103 says:

      I think you may be expecting too much from Democrats and too little from Republicans. The DNC is moving even further left with their younger people, and the RINOs who want Trump gone are more aligned with Democrats than with conservatives. What conservatives who still think Trump isn’t one need to do is open their freaking eyes and stop listening to all the leftist character assassination tripe. I have to admit I am finding more and more about Trump that is admirable. He knows everyone in Washington is out to get him, yet he bulls thru! His speech at Liberty College was a tremendous inspiration and message to all of them that no matter how much crap they throw at him he will remain steadfast in his course to do what he believes to be in the best interests of the people. And so far everything he has done is what conservatives, Christians, and Republicans all agree is best for this nation, which is why Democrats despise him so.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kiowah says:

    You were on a roll with this one. Excellent! Perfecto! Now how do we stop the slime spilling from the thin lipped, snake tongued……. crap.

    Liked by 1 person

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