Obama threatens dictatorship if Trump wins, while Hillary will die with the lie

Obama Hillary

America is already living in Obama’s banana republic wherein he dictates from on high.  But if Trump defeats Hillary despite all the Democrat fraud they can throw at him then Obama says he is prepared to do anything to retain his power to keep Trump from unraveling his transformation.

The man who violates the Constitution on a daily basis says Donald Trump is not fit to be president and that he will not tolerate a Trump presidency.  Trump, he says, will not adhere to the political norms like McCain and Romney, i.e. he will not be an obsequious Republican.  The most corrupt politician ever to hold the office of president and his leftist minions say that Trump is “insane” and psychologically unstable because he gets into conflicts with Democrat operatives.  GOP fools who fall for Democrat propaganda and attempt to mollify them with political correctness are lambasted by Obama for their support of Trump.

The real definition of insanity is Democrats who criminally charge children for making a gun of their thumb and forefinger.  The real insanity is Democrats who criminally charged a child for burping in class.  The truly insane are Democrats who keep electing more Democrats to do the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  The criminally insane are the leftists who cover up and promote the corruption of the Democrat Party.

Obama’s concern that Trump will undo everything Obama has worked to inflict on this nation is real.  Therefore his threat is real.  Trump represents the restoration of Americanism over Obamaism and the transformation of America Obama promised through the Islamization of the West.  The Donald’s response is that Hillary is unfit to be president because she has assisted Obama and his policies of weakening America and strengthening Islamic jihadi’s.  That this could finally create the Constitutional crisis of which conservatives have been warning will not be on “I told you so” moment.

Obama calls Trump “unfit to be president”

Rush’s analysis spot on!

Obama and Hillary

Hillary die with the lie

In an interview with Chris Wallace, Hillary was questioned about the findings of FBI Director Comey’s declaration that his findings were that she lied about everything she had said about her emails.  Her response was that of the fanatic swindler to die with the lie telling Wallace “that’s not what she heard” and that he misunderstood Comey’s remarks.  This is how Democrats face lies as taught by Adolf Hitler and Saul Alinsky.  Never admit to the truth and always accuse those who speak the truth of being the liar, misinformed, lack wits who don’t understand, etc., etc.  Pathological liars will deny the truth even when it’s in their face and come up with another lie to cover up the truth of the first lie.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” – Joseph Goebbels

Democrats understand the nature of man’s dark side.  While they have surrogates attack Trump with lies to distract from the issues, they attack him as being mentally unfit and his supporters as being as too stupid to be allowed to vote.  As they curse Trump and his supporters in the eyes of their own ignorant supporters Hillary goes up in the polls.  Had Hillary been speaking during this time then Trump would have been attacking her and her own personality would cause her polls to plunge as they always do because she is crap.  This is how Democrats are going to campaign for the next three months and the Trump Campaign crew must adjust to take on her and the media and not be distracted from their goal.

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” – Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens

Democrats will die with the lie and most Republicans have proven totally incompetent in overcoming their lies in the media.  Trump has not but has taken the media’s and Democrat’s by the scruff and rubbed their noses in it in the past.  We need that Trump Train back on the right track!

Hillary didn’t hear Comey say she lied, but said she told the truth

Hillary lied to Benghazi victims and she still denies it despite proof

Hillary's lies

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1 Response to Obama threatens dictatorship if Trump wins, while Hillary will die with the lie

  1. EIleen says:

    The first constitutional crisis is trying to take our guns. Only then can he proclaim himself dictator. A more likely scenario is to arrange an “accident” for Trump, like Foster or other Clinton tattletales.

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