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Subliminally Programming Liberal Stupidity Through Movies

“Jesus was a refugee” Subliminal messaging is illegal if used in movies and tv.  But subtle forms of messaging of which people may not be aware are legally used to warp the thinking of those whose minds are easily influenced.  … Continue reading

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Democrat’s ‘common sense’ is nonsense

Obama and Hillary have plans for; “Common sense” gun control “Common sense” immigration reform “Common sense” America reform They make about as much sense as their “common sense math reform.” Republican Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, instituted common sense … Continue reading

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If you lock your door you’re a xenophobe – Democrats open your home to thieves

Do you lock the doors of your house?  If you do then you’re a xenophobe according to liberals.  This is the Democrat policy meme when it comes to illegal immigration. “The reason we lock our doors at night is not … Continue reading

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