Black Jesus is not the Christ of the Bible, but the Jesus of the Koran

Black Jesus 1

Black Jesus – oppressed and executed by rich, white people.  Not the Messiah of the Bible, Son of God, Savior and Redeemer of the Jews and all mankind who rose from the grave to vanquish Death, but a dead black man who spoke of peace and the coming of Mohammad.

There is an element of religion that claims to be Christian, but which adheres to its own brand of heresy.  The Jesus of Black Liberation Theology, the religion and church of Barack Obama’s pastor, mentor, and adopted family, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is not the Christ of the Bible, Savior, Messiah, and Risen Son of God.  He is the poor, peaceful black man who was oppressed and murdered by the rich white people of Rome.

Where blacks got the idea that Semites were considered black men of Africa is hard to say.  Perhaps they believe the term “sand n*gger” means desert black man.  That confusion may be due to their fellow Leftists who decided the etymology of the racial slur came from the Portuguese word for black rather than from an ignorant redneck’s misunderstanding of the word niggard.  Niggard simply means “mean and petty” and was the kind if thing a southern aristocrat would use when decrying a slave who was lazy or disinclined to put effort into his labor.

It has been fifty years since Martin Luther King, Jr. called on Americans not to judge people by the color of his skin, but by the content of their character.  The racial slur has returned to its original meaning referring to those who are so petty and mean that they would sooner steal from others than put forth their efforts to labor to provide for themselves and their families.  But the Left would have people believe it only applies to those with dark skin.

Racism is alive and well in the United States, but it is not the sole venue of white men who believe they are superior to others races as in White Supremacy.  La Rasa is a bunch of Mexicans who want to live the American Dream while simultaneously wanting to remake America into Mexico.  The Black Panthers are a radical militant group of blacks advocating the violent overthrow of white people.  And Islam continues to be the most intolerant of Leftist’s religions of tolerance that would overthrow, rule over, and oppress those who are not Moslem, even to the point that Arab Moslems in Africa are committing genocide of African Moslems because they are not of their own race.

Leftists say the Right is racist for not giving illegal immigrants citizenship.  This comes from those same people who imprisoned tens of thousands of American citizens of Japanese descent during WWII.  Democrats who denied the citizenship of Japanese Americans in WWII are more than willing to give all the rights of citizenship to Mexicans who snuck over the border and work outside the law so as to not pay taxes.

Racism exists in all races just as bigotry exists in all groups and prejudice exists in everyone.  But the sole repository of corruption belongs to the Left and those who would pervert what is good to fit their ideology.  Christianity has been maligned, infiltrated, and corrupted, but there remain those who accept the Word of God with righteous hearts who struggle against the corruption, against the darkness, and they understand what we are holding onto;

“That there’s some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for!” –

Samwise Gamgee, “The Lord of the Rings”

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This site is my opinion only and is unpaid. I am a retired Paramedic/Firefighter with 25 years of service in the City of Dallas Fire Dept. I have a B.A. degree in Journalism, and A.A. degrees in Military Science and History. I have spent my life studying military history, world history, American history, science, current events, and politics making me a qualified PhD, Senior Fellow of the Limbaugh Institute, and tenured Professor Emeritus for Advanced Conservative Studies. 😄 It is my hope that readers can gain some knowledge and wisdom from my articles.
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4 Responses to Black Jesus is not the Christ of the Bible, but the Jesus of the Koran

  1. kendall says:

    thanks for informing people, this information should be taught in every school and should be on every newscast in the country ! fat chance of that happening.


  2. Steve Neal says:

    Learning more and more as I go along. Intolerance does not always reach out and slap one in the face…


  3. creativedale says:

    You are right about EVERYTHING in this article except for the second to the last sentence: “But the sole repository of corruption belongs to the Left and those who would pervert what is good to fit their ideology.”

    Sorry, but I have to call BS here! There have been plenty of people who are NOT on the left who have perverted the Christian faith beyond Biblical recognition and many of them are the same people that have let the private sector run rampant over the majority of the American public. The ultra wealthy have bought at least ONE television network that they use to utterly brainwash these followers with complete balderdash while their masters, bankers and the super wealthy ass-rape the country and then blame it on the poor.

    Shall I quote the Bible?

    “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”

    – Matthew 19:24

    Why do you supposed Jesus said that? Why is THE POPE saying the SAME THING?

    BOTH the Democrat and the Republican parties are corrupt as shit. BOTH parties. Period. HALF of the Churches in America are such a perversion of the Christian faith that they could only accurately be called the “Synagogue of Satan”. ANY deviance from these FACTs is something that needs to be corrected immediately because these ARE THE FACTS.

    I apologize in advance if the cognitive dissonance keeps you from seeing the truth.

    When judgement day comes, and come it shall, there are going to be millions of people who call themselves “God fearing Christians” are going to learn the full measure of punishment for their complete betrayal of their fellow human beings when they are JUDGED.


    • dustyk103 says:

      The reason I say the Left is the sole repository of corruption is because I don’t adhere to the leftist paradigm that the extremes of both Right and Left are corrupt. I use this paradigm;

      With the Left as the corrupt and the Right as the righteous it is easier to understand how corruption is bred. Mainly because righteousness must be taught. Since all people are sinners and all are corrupt, it is only those who strive to be righteous who move to the right. The fact that leftists will try to corrupt what is righteous, and that people are sinners who are easily duped will follow them, is what people see that causes them to damn both sides.

      When Judgment Day comes it will not be only those who sin according to your standards who will be judged. Everyone will be. Jesus said it will be hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom. He didn’t say it wasn’t possible. I would also be careful who you curse as “rich” because everyone, not just millionaires and billionaires, but every last man, woman, and child who lives in the United States is rich in the eyes of everyone else in the world.


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