Corruption + Hubris * Stupidity = Democrats

clinton clean energy

Hillary vows to complete Obama’s agenda to kill coal, while Obama’s national security advisor informs the media that the Iran nuclear deal was a lie.

It’s called hubris Mr. President.  It’s sinful pride wherein people who are so prideful they think they can tell people to their faces that they lied and still get away with it.  Apparently, he is right and his arrogance is not tempered by his conscience, but emboldened by the stupidity of the voters.

Obama’s national security adviser gave a press conference in which he admitted that the entire nuclear deal with the Iran is a fraud and that they created a media echo chamber to put one over on the American people.  This is hardly the only fraud the Democrats up and putting over on America for the last century;

  • Global warming; shutting down coal mining and oil drilling (frackers continued on private lands from which they could not be stopped and, lo and behold, America drilled her way out of high gasoline prices)
  • Social Security; giving what people worked for all their lives to live on when they retire to illegal immigrants, “refugees,” and people claiming disabilities because they can’t find a job
  • ObamaCare; affordable healthcare for all that has skyrocketed prices in the same way Democrat’s energy policy has skyrocketed costs in the hopes people will turn to Democrats to fix what they deliberately broke
  • Worst of all, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood; overthrowing governments to re-ignite the global Jihad and set the Middle East on fire where thousands are being murdered, and infiltrate Europe where Moslems are raping western women because “they are whores to Muslim men.”

Obama and his ilk are so arrogant and so confident as to believe that they can admit their lying schemes to the people’s faces and that there is nothing the people can do about it.  When he was running for president in 2008, Obama admitted that he would bankrupt the coal industry and shut down our electricity.  This reveal was so damning that the reporters who recorded this statement hid it until a week before the election assuming no one would hear it in time to change their votes – and they were right.

Now Hillary is telling coal miners to their faces that she is going to put them out of work that their families have done for centuries and give them green jobs.  She believes that voters will fall for this as easily as they fell for Obama’s scams.  Americans weaned themselves off of Arab oil.  Now Democrats want to wean them off of American coal for the electric cars they forced car companies to make.

This is the ultimate hubris.  But what is hubris when it is compounded by the stupidity of Democrat voters?  They believe capitalism, tax cuts, and Republicans are responsible for the decline in America’s economy over the past ten years while Democrats have been in complete control.  The crash of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was engineered by Democrats, but McCain was too stupid to point that out to voters and tell them how Democrats stopped Republicans from reforming those banks in 2003 when they foresaw that crash.

Democrats have little to fear this upcoming election because they can count on the ignorance of the average voter.  Compound that with the anti-American vote, the criminal vote, the illegal immigrant vote, plus the dead people vote and multiple votes and they may have the election already in the bag.  That is why they can feel so confident that they can stand in front of microphones and TV cameras and tell us they lied right to our faces and still expect to be re-elected in November.

Hillary promises to finish Obama’s work destroying the coal industry

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Obama endorses Black Lives Matter criminals at commencement speech

“This lesser of two evils thing doesn’t even apply, because nobody gets close to the depths of incompetence and depravity and danger posed by another four years of the same crap that we’ve had the last seven and a half.

“A third party you’re not going to win anything.  You’re gonna guarantee that what you don’t want ends up victorious.”

– Rush Limbaugh

The Great Obama Depression 2009 – present

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2 Responses to Corruption + Hubris * Stupidity = Democrats

  1. EIleen says:

    It is too bad about the Democrat voter fraud. If Trump gets in and figures out that he can sidestep this so-called Social Security crisis merely by separating out SSI, he’d be a friend of one of the biggest demographic groups in the country. I resent the Democrats pitting millenials against the boomers, since they both want the same thing. Using Social Security as the wedge is an example of how corrupt (and I’d say FAR more corrupt than even the RNC) the Democrats have become. Although Trump will destroy the Republican Party, he may succeed in rebuilding it by splitting the Democrats into the police state leftists and everybody else; kind of like the European political parties.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dustyk103 says:

      The Republican Party is in desperate need of reform as so many RINOs think behaving more like Democrats is what they need to win elections. The fear is that the anti-Americans of the Left outnumber those who love America, and those who want handouts from the nanny state will out vote those who work and pay taxes.

      Liked by 1 person

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