Weakening America – the Obama agenda


Obama’s faux war on ISIS was exposed by Putin whose bombers did more damage to ISIS in a week than Obama did in a year.  Obama has set back American military strength to 1970s levels.

Just as Obama keeps saying he’s for an “all of the above” approach in energy, he is saying he is for building a coalition against ISIS.  But the truth is that he has been shutting down oil drilling and coal mining in the U.S., while at the same time giving billions of taxpayer dollars to green energy companies that produce next to no energy and fail.  Prices go up, employment goes down, and America is weaker in every respect today than it was in the 70s under Carter.

Obama has been reducing America’s military stores.  Just as he sucked up a billion bullets to keep them from citizens in his first four years, for the past year he’s been expending military ordinance in an ineffective bombing campaign on ISIS and not replenishing their supplies.  The proof is this is that Putin’s bombers did massive damage to them in a week than American bombs have done in over a year.  What kind of position will America be in as Russia expands into Europe, China expands into Asia, and ISIS and Iran expand in the Middle East if our military is tiny and unarmed?

Putin says Obama has not really fighting ISIS.  Obama has been supporting Syrians trying to overthrow Assad, Russia’s ally.  Putin has been bombing Obama’s allies as well as ISIS and Obama is mad.  American’s, however, who do not endorse overthrowing Middle East rulers in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Overthrowing Kaddafi in Libya worked out so well for Obama and Hillary whose Moslem allies attacked the American embassy in Benghazi and successfully assassinated our ambassador on 9-12-12.

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – Audacity of Hope, Barack Hussein Obama

Obama two faced

Putin sticking it to ISIS and Obama

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  1. Fredroe says:

    Barry is a muslim, what can you expect?


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