Those who live by the gun and Islamic law

Silhouette of several muslim militants with rifles

Silhouette of several muslim militants with rifles

This is another of the most misinterpreted quotes from the Bible and is akin to the belief that the saying, “God helps those who help themselves,” is also in the Bible.  Obama is using his faux anti-terrorism agenda to push gun control on America citizens.

What does it mean to “live by the gun?”  Liberals believe anyone who has a gun lives by it, but their misunderstanding comes from their immature morality.  Those who live by the gun are criminals, murderers, jihadis, and conquers, NOT American soldiers and police.  They use guns to protect good people from former, and they pray every day that they never have to use them.

Liberals are always quick to condemn any shooting by psychotics on the TEA Party and Christians when those who do the shooting are always proven to be one of their own.  They ask to disarm all citizens, but do nothing to take guns out of the hands of criminals and jihadis.  Obama’s wanting to put those on the “no-fly list” on a “no guns list” is as false as any other law he wants.  90% of those on the no-fly list are there for being drunk and stupid on a plane, whereas murderers like the California jihadis were not!

Moslems say they came to America to have their shot at the American Dream.  Yet they want to bring Islam with them.  Islam not only has no place in the civilized world, but is completely contrary to the Constitution.  If they truly want to live in peace and enjoy the freedom of America then they should be willing to abandon the teachings of Muhammad and embrace the teachings of Christ as most Americans have.

Bringing Islam to America to make America Islam will not lead them to freedom.  It will lead Americans to slavery.  The Constitution only works in a nation of moral people following the teachings of Christ and cannot coexist with Sharia and Muhammad’s imperative of “make the world Islam by Jihad,” i.e. by force.

Obama says ISIS is not Islamic, but Moslems are not at war with ISIS.  If they were then the Saudis would have troops and planes attacking them.  If they were then they would be taking in refugees.  Most Moslems endorse the Jihad and the goals of ISIS – destroy Israel and infiltrate the West.

Barry’s declaration that ISIS jihadis are not Islamic, like his energy policy, lies dead on the ground beneath the truth that Jihad, Holy War, has been a part of Islam since Muhammad began his war with Mecca.  Moslems invaded every nation they could in the seventh and eighth centuries and repeatedly invaded Europe as part of the Jihad.  Only European military technology stopped them for the last three centuries, but now their newfound wealth from the West has reignited the fires of expansion to carry out the commission of Muhammad to put all people under the boot of Islamic law.

Obama two faced

Obama’s big plan to stop terrorism

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