Strength and weakness of Obama’s soul on banning guns and national defense


Mr. Obama shows his strength of resolve when he threatens an Executive Order to ban guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens.  At the same time as he acts to strip Americans of their protection, Obama denounces Putin’s attacks in Syria as weakness.  Rubio says the weakness is Obama’s. 

Russia in Syria

Russian President Putin sent troops and jet fighters to Syria to bomb ISIS.  But his first targets are the rebels with whom Obama sided to overthrow Assad.  His intention, presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) who foresaw this says, is to eliminate the opposition to Assad and leave the U.S. with the choice of Assad or ISIS.  In response to this bold chess move, Obama responded from the kid’s table;

“(Russia attacked) not out of strength, but out of weakness.”

Putin’s ploy, Obama’s weakness, Rubio’s strength

Putin also says Obama has not actually been bombing ISIS, but only making a show of force for the American public.  The people Obama supports are not necessarily America’s allies as they are the same Muslims that Obama has aided in overthrowing secular leaders throughout the region.  This is what brought about the situation today of the Middle East on fire.

Rubio assesses the situation correctly when he points out; it’s not Russia’s weakness, but Obama’s weakness in foreign policy and national defense that motivated the Russian leader to action.  Gov. Mitt Romney, who Obama mocked in the 2012 campaign saying he had a Cold War mentality, expressed his regret that Obama is either too foolish or too contemptuous of America to be president.  Conservatives do not see this as plain ignorance, but as a malicious effort on the part of Obama to cut America down to size and enable the socialists and Islamists to gain strength.

Obama’s gun ban

In response to yet another mass shooting in a federally ordered “gun-free zone,” Obama demands more laws to disarm American citizens.  He threatens to issue an Executive Order if Congress does not pass laws to confiscate guns.  Obama sells guns to Mexican drug dealers and Islamist Jihadis, while at the same time condemning American police and citizens for protecting themselves against criminals with deadly force.

Over the past six years he has made many attempts to restrict guns from the militia including;

  • Buying a billion bullets to disarm citizens through lack of ammo by making it more scarce and expensive.
  • Coercing gun merchants through the IRS and federal regulations in the same way they do it to fossil fuels producers through the EPA.
  • Constantly politicizing shootings to condemn police, glorify criminals, and threaten the liberty of citizens.
  • Demanding federal licensing and registry for all gun owners (the better for the federal government to know from who to seize weapons).

Obama proposes to make his announcement in Roseburg, OR where the shooting took place.  The citizens say he is not welcome and “will not stand on the corpses of our loved ones” to push his tyrannical agenda.  Nonetheless, Obama’s insistence that the American military be reduced and guns taken out of the hands of law-abiding gun owners to leave American and her good people weak and defenseless reeks of the anti-Americanism is has displayed all his life.

The day Obama signs an Executive Order to seize guns is the day 50,000,000 Americans will bring their guns to Washington.

Obama threatens Executive Order as gun control

Socialist gun control

The central premise of Obama’s liberal gun control is that if criminals use guns then citizens should not be permitted to own them.  The only righteous solution is not gun control, but criminal control.  Democrat policies have made more criminals and made stopping them harder than ever.

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3 Responses to Strength and weakness of Obama’s soul on banning guns and national defense

  1. Kiowah says:

    I’m there.


  2. westbygod says:

    Hey, I want to clear up the misnomer that the Federal ammunition requisitions limited the supply on the market.

    That’s simply not true, and actually the more the government orders, the more that’s available to everyone else.

    Without getting too technical, on average the ammo we buy on the shelves are what’s considered factory condition code b or c.

    It’s the stuff that didn’t make our strict specifications, but still safe to fire.

    The US Army is the sole proponent responsible for all munitions management and production for the government. Priority on orders go to the DOD, federal agencies, state and local, then commercial. By and large most of the sales and money come from government. If government cuts back orders, the plant cuts production

    But the more ammo being made, increases the amount of condition code b ammo available to sell on civilian market. Say our fail to meet spec rate is 15%, and requisition requirement is 1 thousand, that will average 1500 rounds. But if the rec requirement is 1 million, that averages to 150,000 rounds.

    Carry on 🙂


    • joseph says:

      This is probably true however I bet Slowbama though he was making supply smaller when he did that because he is a moron after all.


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