Discovery of water on Mars proves humans destroyed planet thru climate change

Oceans on Mars

NASA scientists now claim that discovery of H2O on Mars is proof that the planet had life, but that it was destroyed by “catastrophic climate change.”

With liberal science claiming mankind’s pollution is changing the climate of and will eventually destroy planet Earth and their Chicken Little predictions falling apart, this NASA scientist, taking a break from Moslem Outreach, just breathed new life into the movement!  His claims that Mars once had oceans a mile deep, life, and was destroyed by “catastrophic climate change” will be taken as proof by liberals that mankind once lived on the Red Planet and destroyed it, forcing the human race to migrate to Earth.  One report states that Mars was destroyed by a pair of nuclear bombs the size of the Empire State Building that ripped its atmosphere away.

Liberals fear that should mankind destroy the Earth we would have no place to go.  So even if it’s only a remote possibility that they cannot prove will happen, liberals say that Americans must institute socialism and install a leftist dictator to whom we must give all our money.  Such a dictator will make certain that Americans will live without electricity and reduce her population in order to take action necessary to save the planet.  Even if they have no proof and every climate prediction they have made in the past fifty years has been proven false, they say we must act “just in case.”

NASA water on Mars, mile deep ocean gone from climate change

Liberals mock Limbaugh by misquoting his disbelief of liberal claims

Mars atmosphere destroyed by catastrophic event four billion years ago

No doubt liberals will now assign a new phobia to those who disbelieve their claims that mankind originated on Mars and destroyed the planet through climate change before migrating to Earth.  Along with Homophobia (an irrational fear of one’s own homosexuality) and Islamophobia (an irrational fear of Islamic terrorists) will be added a new non-existent phobia they say will apply to those who deny their science called Climatophobia – a fear of liberal stupidity.

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4 Responses to Discovery of water on Mars proves humans destroyed planet thru climate change

  1. Arthur W. DiMatteo says:

    Don’t try to put your filthy words into the mouths of NASA scientists. Literally nothing in this article is true. You are drunk!


    • dustyk103 says:

      Oh, so sorry, Arthur, but when I started hearing liberals claiming that water molecules were proof of life on Mars, I couldn’t help myself. It was too good not to mock! And then I found the story about how Mars had an atmosphere blown away 4 billion years ago by ginormous nuclear weapons and it just became funnier!

      Reminded me of that silly movie with Gary Sinise about how life on Earth originated from Mars. May as well take John Carter as history. And don’t you dare disagree or I’ll be takin’ my Yathoon Whipsword to you fer real! 😀


  2. Jim says:

    Who is the “scientist” claiming this BS?


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