CNN Presidential debate dysfunction worse than FOX


CNN packed the stage and left voters with even less of substance than FOX did with the first debate.  Candidates wasted most of the night with CNN’s constant push for dogfights.

Are Americans learning anything about the policies the candidates would institute?  Or is this just political theater?  CNN’s format of encouraging candidates to attack and belittle each other was worse than FOX’s challenging them with liberal hit pieces.

Democrats constantly denounce Republicans as having no plan to accomplish anything.  They don’t know because they don’t ever listen to the candidates, and CNN’s pushing them to dogfight did nothing to inform anyone.  Very little of substance was discussed on stage, and most of the candidate’s statements were generalizations.

Economy, Immigration, and Foreign Affairs:  These are the three categories of most concern to Americans.  Democrats are content with the low workforce as “the new normal.”  They invite millions of illegals to not pay taxes and receive benefits from taxpayers, and they allow Islamists to rage unhindered across the world.

Republicans want to put people back to work and reduce the National Debt, which both liberals and moderates say must continue to grow.  Democrats are shrinking the military and American energy to stop America from causing global warming as world threats grow.  Republicans believe in peace through strength.

People remain ignorant of what policies Republicans would institute, but they all know that Donald Trump said mean things about fat women.  With Islamists invading Europe as refugees and infiltrating America through our open southern border, joining the criminals of the Black Lives Matter movement to attack citizens and police, and Iranian Muhammadans funding worldwide terrorism and nukes with Obama’s help, America and the world are heading for WWIII.

Liberals elected Obama based entirely on his pretty speech and pie in the sky promises that have delivered nothing but pain.  The least qualified person ever to be made president has made America weaker, made our enemies stronger, and divided the nation into multiple subdivisions through racism and pandering the corruption.  He has made Wall Street ultra-rich by enslaving taxpayers in generational debt, and squandered the wealth of the nation.  No greater disaster has ever befallen America, even the attacks on Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

Americans don’t need a pandering demagogue divider like Obama again, and that’s all Democrats have to offer with Hillary Clinton’s war on women meme as the woman who destroyed every victim of her husband’s lecherous sexual harassment, or Bernie Sanders promising even more pie in the sky than Obama did with free college, free healthcare, and free everything.  Someone has to pay for it and Democrats have put the Middleclass taxpayer on the hook for trillions.  Conservative Republicans offer the best solutions.  It’s just a matter of separating those who will take down the liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans whose corruption has ruined Washington and America’s future from those who would work with corrupt Washington politicians, and put up a leader who will put this nation back on track to prosperity and world leadership where it belongs.

Networks had better change their debate formats or people will just tune them out as worthless entertainment.  Having eleven candidates try to get in a good word in three hours and leaving four in their own debate for last place is pedantic.  Next time try taking the top five or six and have three if you must, but give these people a chance to make their cases as any of them is more than qualified to replace the choice people made the last two elections that was little better than electing the janitor.

Best comment: Christie saying nobody cares about Trump’s job or Fiorina’s job, they care about their jobs. “Let’s talk about the issues!”

Worst comment: Carson saying he wouldn’t have attacked Afghanistan, but would have used intellectual means to get bin Laden.

7 key takeaways from CNN’s GOP presidential debate

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1 Response to CNN Presidential debate dysfunction worse than FOX

  1. radman414 says:

    Excellent analysis and commentary; but you knew that the leftist Democrats would immediately try to solicit donations by spinning and diverting the attention of their low-info Kool-Aid consuming base. Once again, our “dear leader” tosses out the specter of, OMG, a government shutdown that, should one occur, would be blamed on Republicans. Here’s their message today (9/17/15):

    “Last night, the Republican candidates for president tried to explain why one of them should be the next person to lead this country. Well, Republicans have an opportunity to show some leadership right now — in this very moment.

    With Congress back in session, it’s time for the GOP to do some work. They’ve got to pass a budget by the end of this month — a budget with no strings or nonsense attached — or they’ll be shutting down the government for the second time in two years.

    [They conveniently forget how many years that Harry Reid refused to even bring up a House-passed budget for debate. – Me]

    And let me be clear: A government shutdown would be completely irresponsible, but it’s not inevitable. Congress can pass a budget that invests in American families, in our schools, in our roads, in our military, and in all the things that truly make this country great. That’s a budget I’d be more than happy to sign. But instead of trying to find ways for us to move forward together, some folks are threatening to shut down the government because I won’t accept a budget that hurts the middle class or makes it harder for women to access health care services they need by defunding Planned Parenthood.

    [So tell me again how terminating a healthy human being on the threshhold of viability outside the womb for “convenience” constitutes a “health care service,” and why taxpayers should pay for it … while Planned Parenthood makes more $$ by selling aborted baby parts and organs. – Me]

    Now we’re getting closer and closer every day to Election Day, and if we want a Congress that won’t play politics with people’s lives, we’ve got to elect Democrats who will work tirelessly fighting for people like you and me.


    “If ever the time should come when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” – Samuel Adams


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