Dr. Carson says America should not be led by a Moslem – too late


What Obama said about those who blaspheme the Christ – “…”

Over the weekend, Dr. Ben Carson was questioned about America electing a Moslem to be president.  Dr. Carson’s statement that America should not elect a leader whose faith is Islam, which is “inconsistent” with the U.S. Constitution, is being condemned by the Left as bigotry.  Moslems are calling for him to be removed from the presidential race.  Also last week, a citizen posed a question to Donald Trump condemning the president as a Moslem, and he, too, is being condemned for not defending Obama’s claim that he is not Moslem.

Obama’s Islamic Heritage

The vast majority of Moslems worldwide want Sharia to be the law of the land in the entire world.  Is it any wonder when Sharia makes all non-Moslems 2nd class subjects under Moslem rule?  Sharia Law that establishes the superiority of Islam over all else is the exact opposite of the U.S. Constitution that establishes the rights of the individual over the government.

As they attempt to paint Dr. Carson as an Islamophobic bigot, the Left is likewise trying to do the same to Trump for not denying a town hall questioner who identified Obama as a Moslem.  Liberal media, along with Hillary Clinton who questioned Obama’s religious claims in 2008, are doing their best to smear Trump for not leaping to Obama’s defense.  Liberal media has gone on another tear against Republicans to once again distract from the disaster that liberal policies have been for America that Trump highlights.

Chuck Todd on Meet the Press challenged Trump to “raise the level of political discourse so that we’re all dealing with the same facts,” to which Trump responded that Obama’s a big boy and can defend himself, and that Obama would certainly never defend Trump from all the bogus liberal attacks against him.  Liberals live with their own sets of facts and promote their own bigotry by claiming that all Republicans are bigots.  There is no truth in liberalism that can stand up to scrutiny and judgment by a righteous jury.

Liberals never elevate political discourse but always drag it down with mud-slinging and character assassination over substance of the issues.  People like Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulos, and Jorge Ramos are all political activists posing as journalists.  Liberals wouldn’t know the truth if it exploded in their faces.  That they didn’t vet Obama one iota is revealed by two idiots debating how they knew so little about him on the night they got him elected.

Dr. Carson is too late in his assertion because America elected a Moslem to be president in 2008.  Obama’s Muslim faith has always been ruthlessly concealed, as are all of his actions to weaken America that he disavows on TV declaring he is making America strong.  These liberals who condemn Carson are the same as those who wanted to elect a Nazi to lead America in 1942 or a Communist to be president during the Cold War.  They applaud when a child using his fingers as a gun is arrested and incensed when a Moslem boy is arrested for bringing a device to school he says is a clock with no display.

What would America be like with a Moslem president?  He would weaken America while empowering Islam around the world.  The Left’s motto – it’s better to join the Dark Lord than to fight him.

Leftists decry ‘Islamophobic’ Republicans

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1 Response to Dr. Carson says America should not be led by a Moslem – too late

  1. Vern says:

    Why can’t people just pay attention to Obama’s actions, and that will answer the question (is he Obama a Muslim), I think it will prove also that Obama is not a Christian. Obama even said he is a Muslim. Ben Carson is 100% correct. we should not elect a Muslim as our President.

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