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Trump, Cruz, Walker, Rubio – The Four Horsemen of the Democrat Apocalypse

These four men stand head and shoulders above all the GOP as those who promote Reagan conservatism without fear.  They face down the liberal media’s attempts at Obama’s Alinskyite character assassinations to unabashedly speak the truth.  Their promise: to dismantle Obama’s deconstruction of … Continue reading

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Democrat’s latest gun grab – seniors are mentally unstable

Obama continues in attempts at back door gun grabs to disarm citizens.  His latest is to declare seniors collecting Social Security as potentially mentally unstable and incompetent to own firearms. Obama is making his latest bid to take guns away … Continue reading

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Republicans should learn from Obama on dealing with ‘gotcha’ questions

When liberal media poses ‘gotcha’ questions to Republicans they base them on a lie.  When conservatives pose a ‘gotcha’ question to Democrats they base them on the truth.  The first defense of the pathological liar is to accuse those telling … Continue reading

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Politics – the lies, the truth, the proof

This Democrat classic portrays Reagan as the thief who stole Social Security.  Ignorant youngsters believe them because the media keeps quiet about Democrats raiding the Social Security Fund in 1968 of $4 billion to pay for the Vietnam War.  They … Continue reading

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Help Wanted: President of the United States – no experience necessary

The Republican presidential field is filled with men and women of great achievement and intelligence, yet liberal media says none of them is qualified to be president. If the election of Barack Obama has taught us anything, it’s that there … Continue reading

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Trump may be just what America needs to destroy the evils of Obama

Donald Trump may be just the kind of authoritarian America needs after eight years of Obama’s fundamental transformation of America into a declining socialist state. Alot is being said about the brashness of billionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump.  The New … Continue reading

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Walker vs. Perry, Cruz vs. Rubio; Republican’s best choice of conservatives

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin stands out above all other conservative candidates because of his achievements in blue state Wisconsin.  Not only did he succeed in reforming the failing state’s liberalism to conservative values, but he defeated every liberal attempt … Continue reading

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