Obama’s biggest lie about his only minor diplomatic success – killing bin Laden

Obama announces Usama is dead

New report both condemns and glorifies Obama killing bin Laden.

A new report is coming out that all the facts we have known about the finding and killing of Usama bin Laden were false.  Everything we’ve known for the last few years, that bin Laden was located thanks to Bush intel, a Pakistani doctor, and that Obama withheld the attack for over a hundred days was false?  Instead, it was all due to some deal that Obama made with the Pakistanis, but Usama was an imprisoned invalid?

Obama lied, he’s actually brilliant

After all these years listening to Obama repeatedly prove he’s a pathological liar, why would anyone believe this?  All of Obama’s diplomatic maneuvering has paved the way for the Muslim Brotherhood to rise in the Middle East and launch the greatest Jihad in centuries.

His foreign policy has earned him an F.  The only reason he doesn’t get an F – is because he authorized the killing of bin Laden.  The only reason he doesn’t get an F+ is because he gave bin Laden an honorable Muslim burial.

This report reputedly condemns Obama as killing an invalid bin Laden who was no threat in order to boost his 2012 election.  At the same time it gives him full credit for it and takes away all credit from President Bush.  What kind of backhanded glorification is this supposed to be?


The conclusion most evident to be taken from this report by Seymour Hersh quoting anonymous Pakistani sources does not bear up against any known facts.  Since it condemns Obama for the killing of bin Laden, rather than lauds him making a deal with Pakistanis to get him, it smacks mostly of propaganda by Pakistanis who want to overthrow their government rather than typical White House chicanery.  With the Muslim Brotherhood Jihadis surging everywhere else in the Middle East, turning the people in Pakistan against the government for killing their hero would be just the kind of spark they need for an uprising against a nuclear armed Islamic government.

Leftist rewrite of bin Laden raid

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2 Responses to Obama’s biggest lie about his only minor diplomatic success – killing bin Laden

  1. Gail Combs says:

    Do me a favor. Please call the left, progressives and not liberals. The Progressives/Fabian Socialists stole the word ‘liberal’ from the Classical Liberals when their brand became very tainted (Facism)

    You might enjoy E.M. Smith’s comment on Socialism, what is now called capitalism*** and Third Way/fascism (He trained as an economist.)

    Third Way/Fascism is promoted by Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and the Fabian London School of Economics where may of our world leaders in politics, banking and business are trained.

    Aso MSM bought and Paid for:

    ***Real capitalism died when fractional reserve banking fraud became the law of the land allowing whole sale theft of our wealth.

    Nice blog BTW, I really like your articles and cartoons.


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