ISIS growing because of lack of jobs according to Obama

ISIS mass beheadings

Islamic Jihadis conduct mass beheading of Egyptian Christians, and the Obama State Department makes a statement that they are not Jihadis, just jobless people with nothing better to do that we should treat with kindness.

According to statements made by Obama and his State Department, the Islamic State is not Islamic, these ravaging savages are not Jihadis, they are just people who are bored because they don’t have jobs.  Democrats say if you live in America and you are too uneducated to get a job you end up in Iraq.  Now they are saying if you live in Iraq and are too uneducated to get a job you end up in ISIS.

Saying that ISIS is not Islamic, that they are just jobless Arabs without prospects who turn to crime, and that they are not following the teachings of Mohammad is the reasoning of an unintelligent mind.  Moslems who say ISIS is not Islamic, then go to their mosques and chant, “Death to America!  Death to Israel!” isn’t fooling anyone, and neither is Barack Hussein Obama.  The president who wants to treat these mass murdering rapists as common street thugs to be tried in civilian criminal courts rather than as foreign enemy soldiers is insane.

Even more insane are the people who believe this.  People who believe that making a connection between the teachings of Mohammad the First Jihadi, fourteen hundred years of warmongering, slavery, and oppression, and the mindless chanting in mosques of Jihad being taught by Imams today is wrong.  The solution to crushing the Islamic State is not giving them jobs.

The solution to eliminating Jihad is using the force necessary to kill all Jihadis, overthrowing the Imams that teach Islam, and abolishing the teachings of Mohammad.  Moslems who truly want a religion of peace would turn to Christianity or Buddhism whose teachings are of nothing but peace.  Those who do not will become Jihadis to serve their god and destroy all other people who will not submit to Islam.

ISIS exists because 70 million Americans voted for Obama as president.  Obama used the power of the presidency to support the Muslim Brotherhood.  And the Muslim Brotherhood revolted throughout the Middle East with the aid of American power to put Jihadis in power.  Where they are not in power they are in the process of overthrowing governments, murdering kafirs and infidels, and setting the Middle East on fire.

Obama will not acknowledge that they are Jihadis, will not name them Islamists, will not name their victims as Christians, Jews, and Moslems who will not participate in the Jihad, and will not bring the full power of America against them.  Instead he is concentrating on TEA Party “extremists” and the global warming fraud as the greatest threats to America’s future.  When they won’t name the enemy they are saying they don’t know who they are or in what they believe, so how are they going to form a strategy to defeat them?

State Department spokeswoman says jobs, not killing, the key to defeating ISIS

Sally Kohn says treat ISIS with kindness

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” – Romans 12:21

Jesus did not say this talking about rapists and murderers.  He was speaking about people who are just a**holes.

Foreign leader asks why America fails in every war

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1 Response to ISIS growing because of lack of jobs according to Obama

  1. The militants rebelling around the world are racist and they like it so now what part of that don’t you understand Mr. Liberal Ivy League President wise guy, who keeps living to be on a TV Network stations. Your Show time hypocrisy and 15 minutes of fame anyway you can get it is not working anymore on the people now looking for more substance out of their daily personal lives. And no one that is going about their business these days want to be like you anymore Mr. President. Your Ivy League wise guy friends are ugly characters to the levelheaded people now. So now what are you going to do with the rest of your time? Talk to the world population just like before for only the Show sake.

    President Barack Obama is acting just like he believe in his own propaganda and everyone knows that he doesn’t. And somehow Obama expect the rest of the world to react in a positive way. Wow! When something that was once popular doesn’t pass the test of time like the President Bull talk has not. The liberal Progressive Ivy League professors movement of 1970 truly does look like a bunch of fools now in 2015.

    Hay! Mr. Ivy League President of the United States. You are not cool anymore because you keep lying, you jerk.


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