Barack ‘two-face’ Obama now says no religion is responsible for violence

Obama at terror summit

Speaking at the Terror Summit, Obama declared that terrorists had “legitimate grievances” that the West must address.  He vacillated between blaming poverty for Jihadis and blaming Christians for naming them as Islamists.

Once again America’s two-faced president is speaking out of both sides of his mouth.  Just last week Obama said Christians were responsible for the atrocities of the Crusades and Inquisition.  Now he is saying those who engage in terrorism represent no religion, which is funny when 90% of terrorist groups today are Islamists following the teachings of Mohammad the First Jihadi.

If the terrorists of ISIS and Al-Qaeda are not Moslem, then why did Obama command the Navy to bury Usama bin Laden with full Muslim funeral rites?  Liberals say that more people have been killed in the name of God than anything else, which is false.  More people were killed in the name of socialism in the 20th century than in virtually all wars in history combined.

The Left’s attempt to dissociate Jihadis from Islam is a blatant deceit meant to dupe the ignorant so they don’t learn the truth of Islam.  They condemn Christians who say that those who take the name of Jesus in vain to commit evil acts are just trying to dissociate them.  The final judgment of which is true and which is false lies in the source, Jesus Christ and the Prophet Mohammad, and their teachings.

Answer the questions:

Who would Jesus kill?

Who would Mohammad kill?

Jesus spent His life teaching love, peace, and the brotherhood of man.  He taught forgiveness and righteousness.  He abolished the harsh laws of Judaism such as “an eye for an eye,” and instructed his flock to love their enemies, to turn the other cheek.  (Leftists corrupt these teachings as meaning you should love murderers and rapists, and that turning the other cheek means allowing evil to rule.)  He lived His life as a teacher.  He led no armies but commanded His Apostles to do no harm.

Mohammad spent his life gathering followers whom he trained to be fanatics with the first brainwashing techniques, forcing them to pray five times a day, and to obey his instructions without question.  He demanded Meccan tribal leaders appoint him their spiritual leader and abolish all their gods, including the God of the Jews and Christians.  He led his followers on raids of Meccan caravans to murder, rape, and loot, and commanded them to murder people in Medina who spoke against him.  Because these actions violated his teachings of peace, he instructed his fanatical followers that Allah gave him permission.

By the end of his life, Mohammad justified his followers to commit murder, to enslave people who are not Muslim, and oppress them under his laws that would eventually be codified as Sharia.  Where Hebrew law evolved over time, Islamic law has not.  Most Moslems, while they publicly say they support Sharia, would probably abandon Islam for Christianity if they were allowed to learn about it and would not be under a death sentence if they converted.

There is nothing good or peaceful about Islam and Obama knows it!  His deceit goes so far as to declare that terrorists are only acting because they are poor and then says it’s not.  He ignores the facts that half of them had jobs they left for the Jihad, and that a billion Indians and Chinese live in poverty and they are not joining murderous death cults.  He says that America must address their grievances which he declares are legitimate and justified.  This is certainly the opposite of what he says about the TEA Party whom he also labels as extremists.

Obama says terrorists need jobs and America needs to pay for them

Jesus not Jihad!

Hope for Moslems

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