Moslems are not immigrating to freedom, they’re colonizing

Muslims and Nazis

Jihadis allied with Hitler in WWII.  Now they quietly infiltrate free nations, strive to corrupt criminals to their cause, and work to impose Sharia on the people.  When those people object, Moslems declare Jihad in “self-defense.”

Moslem immigrants are not coming to America, Europe, and Asia to escape the slavery and brutality of Islamic rule under Sharia Law.  They are invaders establishing colonies in free nations from which to wage the Jihad as Mohammad taught.  While Christians should welcome anyone who seeks freedom to their lands, that does not mean they should invite invaders who would corrupt their children, coerce their leaders, and impress their vile laws of slavery and submission to their god on them.

Jindal warns of Sharia Islamic colonization invasion of U.S.

Luton, England Moslems immigrate to force Sharia Law on others

From the time of Mohammad, Islam has always spread by the sword.  Their claims to be oppressed falls on the ears of the ignorant who cry for them, but the façade is exposed in their actions.  They have no more right to claim self-defense than a criminal who steals then claims self-defense when his victim responds.

Islam has never been a religion of peace, but always been a religion of vengeance.  Mohammad spoke words of peace to lure the gullible to his following, then exhorted them with delusions they attacked in God’s name.  Even the corruption of the Christian church can be traced back to their interaction with the followers of Mohammad.

With their lack of a moral compass, foolish liberals equate caring for the least of us with dispensing justice on the worst of us.  People who cannot tell the difference between murder and killing in self-defense will fall for the Islamist’s sham, which makes the action of Christians of even greater importance.  Stopping the invasion of America, the greatest Christian nation in history, is of paramount importance to stop the savages from overrunning civilization.

Jesus never said, as liberals claim, that people should allow murderers to run rampant or allow evil to rule.  O’Reilly conferred with two Catholics about waging war against the Jihad wherein one only says only to stop them from making money.  In addition, American generals are condemning Obama for not being willing to identify, let alone combat, Islamo-Nazi Jihadis.  But no one is taking any action against those Jihadis who have infiltrated free nations and are subverting the people, mostly by recruiting criminals to their cause.

Modern day Nazis

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4 Responses to Moslems are not immigrating to freedom, they’re colonizing

  1. Tom Fuller says:

    Dusty: Great article. Thanks for your courage and the willingness to defy “The Collective” of the PC empire. I am an evangelist and retired EMT, and I spend a lot of time these days comparing America to ancient Israel, and how it fell by going the way of the Canaanites, the indigenous people of the Promised Land. Canaanites practiced Baalism, which (1) worshiped imaginary gods that supposedly had and blessed deviant sex, (2) worshiped the Earth, (3) practiced wild, unrestrained sex with anybody and anything–raised to a religious level–and, (4) practiced child sacrifice to get rid of the natural byproduct of (3). Just change up the labels, and we’re doing the same things. God told Israel to convert or destroy them, out of mercy, for the survival’s sake of future generations. The most chilling thing is, the one currently in charge of our country either doesn’t see to be aware, or doesn’t seem to care, or appears complicit with it. I see no fourth alternative. Thankfully, people are finally beginning to wake up to the malignancy of liberalism. I am wondering if that process and reaction can happen fast and soon enough, or if America is so thoroughly programmed by Hollywood and the left, that we are beyond return. The good thing is, all this is predicted in Scripture, even the bad stuff. The worst people are unwittingly playing the roles of the bad guys and fools in Scripture. Even they are evidence the Bible is true. I teach a course, “Raise Up the Remnant,” about this very topic. Lord, have mercy on us, and wake up the sleeping giant before it’s too late. Tom in Lubbock, Texas


  2. Ana says:

    In the Parable of the Vine Growers Jesus was asked by the apostles what expectation could a murderer have, to which Jesus replied that the only expectation a murderer can have is to be executed. Clearly Jesus believed in a death sentence for murderers and not just turning the other cheek as Libs often cite.


  3. Dimitri says:

    The best law and the best punishment for arabic people and muslims is castration! Off with their testicles! When they will hear this, will leave Europe surely! Otherwise, they will invade all Europe, because they reproduce like rabbits! Humiliation for humiliation: if they rape our women, they should be hunted and castrated. You cannot apply human rights to them and european laws, because they have their own rules and they are not interested in other rules! Also the little boys should be castrated, because when they grow up, they will behave the same as their parents! So, if they behave like animals, then an animal treatment they should get!


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