What America needs is TEA Party unity

United We StandUnited we stand, divided we fall

The TEA Party represents the only grassroots political movement of fiscally conservative voters in America.  The Republican Establishment consists of moderates dedicated to maintaining political power in Washington controlling a government that is taxing and spending Americans into oblivion.  The TEA Party needs to unite behind one of many qualified to be president and a speaker to run Congress.

With John Boehner being re-elected to Speaker, the Republican Party is in deep sh*t.  Moderates who have been working more with Democrats and against their own conservative base are transforming the Republican Party into the Democrat-lite Party.  Boehner has already signed with Obama to destroy conservatives in the Republican Party, so it’s looking more and more like a new party must be formed by conservatives.

Obama, Boehner ally to destroy the TEA Party

Jeb Bush is throwing down his gauntlet to enter the 2016 presidential race.  Despite protestations, Mitt Romney will likely join the field along with Chris Christie.  These are only three who represent the strongest of Republican Establishment contenders, while strong conservative TEA Party candidates are legion – and this is their weakness.

While Scott Walker is a proven leader who has faced down multiple liberal challenges to oust him, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, and John Kasich all represent strong conservative governors.  Add to that mix Senators Rubio, Paul, Cruz, and Lee, then toss in various Congressman, and add a supporting cast of moderates and liberals plus Dr. Ben Carson, and the Republican field is so muddled that for a conservative to take the lead would take a miracle.

What conservatives need is unity BEFORE primary season begins.  Each of the Establishment candidates has lost the respect of so many Republican voters that it is unlikely they could win even in this open race without an incumbent.  Romney had his chance and failed thanks to his weakness in taking on Obama after his viciousness in taking out his Republican contenders.  Thanks to Boehner’s efforts to stomp out conservatives, four million stayed home and he lost what he should have handily won.

Christie did his part in Romney’s failure by failing to support him at the crucial moment after Super storm Sandy.  And Jeb, while more conservative than his brother, has proven that he will throw in with moderates and leave America foundering in debt and Democrat policies that are destructive to the American economy as well as its culture.  America does not need a Republican who will work with Democrats.  She needs a conservative who will defeat them!

We of the TEA Party must do more than hope and pray a strong conservative leader will emerge.  Boehner has already gotten together with Obama to put aside campaign finance reform so he can get corporate money to overwhelm anymore attempts by conservatives to make gains in government.  Moderates, liberals-lite, will do no more to curb wasteful government spending than any Democrat has in the last century.

TEA Partiers need to unite and not stifle themselves looking for the perfect candidate, but gather behind the strongest.  Whoever rises to the top of the ticket must be free of restraint to not fight back when he is smeared by liberal media propaganda.  He or she must have the strength of character and the iron will to retaliate and repudiate all liberal attacks, and carry conservatives to victory not only in the presidency, but in Congress.  How would America have prospered had she had Reagan and Gingrich at the same time?

Defeating Boehner is the key to 2016 Republican Victory

TEA Party UnityThere is no “I” in TEAM, but there is TEA

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Rush Limbaugh declares the PERFECT ticket for Republicans and Democrats in 2016

Proof of fraud – the Democrat agenda to tax Americans

The Greatest Generation won the wars; their children are losing the peace

ALL Democrat policies are designed to steal wealth and are destroying families

One question surveys:

SURVEY – What do you believe Moslems believe about Jesus?

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Great Rush Limbaugh show

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