Obama, Boehner ally to destroy TEA Party

The Washington Establishment of liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans has joined forces to destroy a common foe – the conservatives of the TEA Party.  The American taxpayers, fed up with vast government debt, wasteful spending on crony capitalism and the high taxes required to support them have been a thorn in the side of the GOP the past three election cycles.  Boehner, the man who ousted Newt Gingrich in 2000 because the former Speaker forced Republicans to balance the budget, wants to have his turn at spending America’s wealth on his friends, and this is why the TEA Party is as much his enemy as Obama’s.

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Boehner and ObamaObama has a friend in Boehner who also wants to eliminate the Republican conservative base so he is free to spend taxpayer dollars on his friends.

Over the objections of his own base, led by Sen. Warren who wants to destroy the entire Republican Party and establish one party rule, Obama proved that he is as much in bed with corporations as any Republican he has condemned for the same, (as if his giving Wall Street a trillion dollars in borrowed taxpayer dollars every year he’s been in office isn’t enough).  In return for Republicans betraying the voters who elected them to stop the Democrat agenda, Obama agreed to ignore campaign finance reform limiting corporate donations.  This will allow the GOP to use corporate cronies to outspend any TEA Party challenge and keep the moderates in control.  This last election cycle they proved their willingness to work with Democrats defeat them as they did in the Mississippi senate primary.

The only problem for Obama is that this restores Republican’s financial backing that had largely been stifled.  Left-wing Democrats, incensed after losing control of Congress, now see their party leader throwing them under the bus to go after his nemesis.  Democrats have initiated civil unrest and riots by radicals and criminals against the police, and are attempting to ruin the CIA and wreck America’s foreign intelligence gathering agency as revenge against voters.

Slanderous Democrat propaganda aside, the TEA Party is the ONLY group of grassroots voters actually fighting against the Washington Establishment.  Democrats who say they want to “throw the bums out” always prove false as they only want to throw out Republican conservatives, believing that Democrats will give more tax money to them in benefits.  It is the TEA Party conservatives who have acted to throw out all of the Establishment politicians from both sides and reform the tax code to keep prosperity in the hands of those who work for it.

Examples of strong TEA Party conservatives, once known as Reagan conservatives, who would make excellent presidents include Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin who successfully reformed his liberal state to make it economically strong again.  Gov. Rick Perry has kept the Texas economy robust enough to carry the rest of the country that, without Texas, would have been in recession the last six years.  Romney lost in 2012 by not only failing to challenge Obama, but by allowing Boehner to attempt to marginalize the Republican base during the GOP Convention.

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