Rush Limbaugh declares the PERFECT Ticket for Republicans and Democrats in 2016

GOP-DNC LOVEThe Perfect Ticket for 2016!

With absolutely flawless logic, Rush Limbaugh formulated the PERFECT presidential candidate ticket for 2016 that would win against any challengers.  Embracing the belief that campaigns for the presidency are won by attracting the Independents, plus the full support and financial backing of the GOP/DNC Washington Establishment, Rush solved the problem of who to make the next President/Vice President of the United States.  In one fell swoop he brilliantly solves the problems presented by the radicals of the far Right and Left of the political spectrum.

The far Right is expressed in the TEA Party and players such as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) who believe government has gotten too big, too tyrannical, and too invested in playing Santa Claus providing goodies for deadbeats who won’t work for their own prosperity, but are happy to have government take it from others.  The far Left consisting of the Occupy Wall Street crowd embraces the likes of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) who believes government is the source of prosperity by which businessmen acquire wealth, and that that wealth belongs to the people from whom it was stolen.  These two radical extremists of the parties are being glommed onto by their respective party bases leaving the Independents up for grabs.

Limbaugh’s solution – a ticket combining Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, both of whom are striving to attract Independents and win without their crazed party bases.


The Perfect Ticket

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Great Rush Limbaugh show

Author’s note: This is why people become disgusted and discouraged by both parties to end up being apathetic and not voting.  Because they see both candidates making the same promises when all they want is to grab more wealth in taxes to support their own establishment in Washington.  Where OWS promises to institute socialism and make everyone equally poor, only the TEA Party candidates make the effort to restore the Constitution of the people and limit the ever growing power of government.

Put up a true conservative against these moderates that are just liberals-lite and want more of our money taxed from us for them to spend.  The Republican base would be energized and eager to vote, unlike the last two times when Romney and McCain only guaranteed that moderates would get their turn at wasting our money on their friends.  If Independents are so dumb they can’t see what’s right then let them continue to vote Democrat and flush themselves down the toilet.  The TEA Party has been demonized by the Left and the Washington Establishment because both dread losing their Golden Goose, which they are going to lose anyway as they choke it to death.

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