Democrats – proving they are the party of ignorance, deception, and closed minds

Liberals are always wrong, refuse to debate anything, and the fourth paragraph of this article will prove this.  Once they latch onto an opinion, based on whatever innocuous facts they want, they declare themselves to be right, the debate over, and then label dissent as something stupid to be mocked or bigoted facts of a closed mind.  These are the tactics of the closed-minded who cannot debate facts because they are always proven wrong.

Switch to ObamaCare

Sebelius: ‘We can fix ObamaCare by changing the name’ like they did with global warming, illegal aliens, gun control, and every failed Democrat policy.

Conservatives can take any issue and prove they are right by presenting the facts, facts that liberals will deny exist because of their immaturity.  If they admit the facts exist, they deny they are true because they are immorally intent on deceiving others.  Liberals are dedicated to being just plain ignorant and they cannot be convinced otherwise.

Some will grow up, learn morality, and open their eyes to the truth.  Some will never grow up, or learn morality, or open their minds.  These are the people who are dedicated leftists, who believe socialism and Islam are good, and that capitalism and Christianity are bad.

Proving liberal closed-mindedness is easy taking just one of many issues like global warming.  Their belief is that CO2 is produced in such massive quantities by humanity that nature cannot handle it.  CO2 then rises up above the stratosphere forming a “greenhouse bubble” around the Earth.  The problem with this belief is that CO2 is a heavier than air gas that settles to the Earth, not rises into the stratosphere.

Tell this to a liberal and his head may explode.  Obama declared this debate is over, that climate change is a reality.  But in a liberal’s mind climate change is driven by man, not by nature, and that is the lie they believe.  The solution, which is the root of the deception, is that government needs more money from taxpayers to “save the planet.”

They will talk about how we’re killing trees that create oxygen, but they don’t mention that all green plants need CO2 to conduct photosynthesis that creates that oxygen, and the more CO2 the more plants will grow.  They’ll talk about how the planet warms, how super storms are real, but they don’t bother with the facts that other planets warm and cool at the same rate as Earth, or that meteorological records only go back about a hundred years so how do they know what’s “normal” and what’s “extreme.”  With liberals there is always a result without any facts of how that result is reached, which is why they support Democrats taking the wealth out of our economy with the promise of giving it to poor people, not thinking that doing so will destroy jobs people need so they won’t be poor.

When their ideas are taken apart and proven wrong they will always do one of two things.  They will either latch onto a new innocuous fact that has no basis in science, let alone reality, or they will change the name.  This is how each generation of dedicated liberals confuses and misinforms the next generation they hope to turn into closed-minded adherents of their vacuous ideology.  Just as Sebelius says, they don’t solve problems, they just change the name like they did with global warming and illegal aliens, then mocking others as ignorant.

What liberals need more than anything is education.  The question is; will that education help them see the light, or will they keep their minds closed to the truth?  There is a saying, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”  Just so you can tell a liberal the truth, but you can’t make him think.  It is up to themselves to open their minds to the fact that everything they is wrong when predicated on false morality.

Sebellius “fixes” ObamaCare with a name change

Proof of fraud – the Democrat agenda to tax Americans

The Greatest Generation won the wars; their children are losing the peace

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ALL Democrat policies are designed to steal wealth and are destroying families

Rush Limbaugh declares the PERFECT ticket for Republicans and Democrats in 2016

One question surveys:

SURVEY – What do you believe Moslems believe about Jesus?

SURVEY – What is your American Dream?

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Great Rush Limbaugh show

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