Pray for the souls of Democrats

Faith in America - faithofourfoundingfathers

The choices we make in life affect everyone.  Whether we choose to serve the truth or believe lies charts the course of our lives.  America is in trouble because most of American’s have lost faith.  They choose to put their trust in politicians in the foolish belief that they put our needs before their own.

You have one choice in life. You can choose to help people or to hurt people.  And when someone hurts you, you can choose to forgive them and move on or let anger and hate consume your soul.

How you know who is evil is obvious from their actions: CNN’s Carol Costello laughing at Bristol Palin’s pain, a black man in Ferguson tells police he is praying for their deaths, Democrats campaigning on lies that they are against Obama’s policies that are their own for which they have been voting.

CNN skank exalts gleefully in sexual assault of Bristol Palin

Blacks in Ferguson pray for policemen’s deaths

Democrats lie saying they’re not part of Obama’s agenda

Leftists live their lives filled with greed, hatred, ignorance, and deception.  Those on the side if righteousness need not only to pray for their souls, but strive to teach them morality so they mature into responsible human beings. Otherwise they will continue to behave like children, or worse, like wild animals.

The people who most need to learn will not be reached by the written word because they do not read.  The entertainment industry is their only source of news and information.  Currently education and entertainment are teaching our children self-loathing and to vent the anger this phony guilt builds on those who are moral and mature.

It’s easy to understand good and bad, but it takes understanding to know right from wrong.  Thanks to the Hippie Generation, the spirit of 1968 teaches our children all the wrong values and all the wrong beliefs.  Parents are the most important teachers in children’s lives because children learn what they live.  If America is to survive this onslaught, then conservative Christians must instill righteous values in all children or they will be lost in Amerika.

The fraud of white guilt and how Africans enslaved Europeans and Americans

Hillary Clinton explains why you don’t have a job in the Democrat economy

Democrats stand convicted of bearing false witness in Ferguson

MSNBC says Americans are racist if they don’t let ISIS, Ebola into USA

Liberals Backwards Think

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