Democrats masquerading as Independents

Democratic_Socialists_Occupy_Wall_Street_2011 - David Shankbone

Kids who grow up as leftists are left out in the cold Democrat economy.  Coming to all the wrong conclusions because they lack all the facts, America’s young are being led down the road to their own destruction. With only the entertainment industry to inform them, America’s children are the lemmings following the Pied Pipers of Democrat’s policies.

“Businesses don’t create jobs.” – Hillary Clinton

“Republicans want to deny women birth control.” – Barack Obama

“The TEA Party is racist.” – Harry Reid

Leftists actually believe this intellectual horse manure and Republicans haven’t got a clue how to alleviate their terminal stupidity.  Democrats are leading Americans down the path of their own decline and liberals are chumming along like a bunch of lemmings running off the cliff.  These three obvious, blatant lies that have no basis in reality of anything any rightwing patriot ever said are in the hearts of Democrats.  This is what feeds their greed, envy, and hatred of America and the people who made this country great.

Independents are part of the Left.  Socialists like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) pretend to be progressive liberals of the Teddy Roosevelt variety when, in reality, they are communist wolves in sheep’s clothing.  People who are dedicated Democrats, all because they believe all their propaganda about Republicans being only for the 1%, who turn away from the policies of Democrats because they finally realize that is what is destroying the country, think Independents are the solution.  But all Independents are nothing more than Democrat wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The middle class has been left behind because Democrats and their Independent impostors f*cked us.  The marauding bands of the Left are taking down American businesses and destroying the American Dream brick by brick.  As Rush Limbaugh says, the marauding bands consist of people in power like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and Harry Reid who are all regulating good companies out of business and stealing the wealth from the American people.

Democrats are the marauders destroying American businesses

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Liberals Backwards Think

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