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Democrats are campaigning to keep the government powerful.  They have no conscience when it comes to lying to voters that they do not support Obama’s policies.  People are beginning to realize are the cause of America’s decline.  It remains to be seen how many people can still be fooled.

What is the common denominator of; education, illegal immigration, Ebola, and ISIS?  They are all grave threats to our national security, our American identity, and the future of our nation, and all three are working in favor of America’s enemies under the guidance of Democrats led by Obama.  How can American children, our children, prosper in a country that is teaching them grossly stupid things like;

  • Capitalism, Reaganomics, trickle-down has failed because businesses don’t create jobs.
  • The children of illegal immigrants are the hope for America’s future.
  • Ebola is not a serious medical threat to the United States.
  • Islamic Jihadis are not a danger to Americans.

Democrat’s policies are as simplistic and as ridiculous as the Old McDonald Had a Farm song with lying, pandering Democrats urging voters to keep them in power.  So long as Democrats stay in power they have the power to steal tax dollars, the power to crush businesses and weaken the American economy so people can’t find jobs, the power to enthrall welfare recipients, the power to lie through the bully pulpit and media, and the power to empower America’s enemies.

You didn’t build that!  Businesses could not prosper without the roads the rest of us paid for.  They couldn’t operate without hiring workers whose educations the rest of us paid for.  Democrats think government makes business possible, and they are ass backwards.  This is typical Liberals Backwards Think.

Government is 100% taxpayer funded.  Those taxes came from the salaries of the people who worked at those jobs businesses didn’t create.  Believing that big government creates jobs and not businesses is so completely stupid, especially since government cannot exist without the taxes they collect from businesses, that making government jobs can only be done by taking more money from businesses causing them to reduce the number of jobs.  Thank the Democrats for another belief that is the ideology of dumbasses.

There are three kinds of Democrats; deceivers, fools, and thieves.  The deceivers run for political office on lies, the thieves collect welfare rather than work, and the fools believe what the leftwing media tells them.  Democrats know the facts, but they come to all the wrong conclusions because of dysfunctional thinking.  This is how, as Ronaldus Magnus, the great President Ronald Reagan said,

“The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

What is worse is that the Left is succeeding in stealing the people’s wealth doing all this destruction in the name of fairness.  Any criticism of the Obama agenda is labelled racism.  Any criticism of Democrat’s socialist policies is mocked.  The fools believe the most insane lies like the Republican war on women, and then applaud the destruction of conservatism, responsibility, and the American Dream.

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Liberals Backwards Think

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