Hillary Clinton explains why you don’t have a job in the Democrat economy


Hillary states Democrat economic belief in the clearest terms that are clearly stupid. She  proves that the Democrat’s idea of economics is for government to decide what businesses she succeed or fail.  This is why the coal industry is being deliberately shutdown while failing green energy companies are being fed taxpayer dollars.

What Democrats say and what they do are opposites.  They campaign against “Washington policies” like Obama, but the economic policies that have been in effect for the last eight years have been Democrat’s.  If you believe that trickle-down economics is responsible for the current economy, if you believe Democrats fight for the little guy, if you believe that Republicans make the rich richer while Democrats take from the rich to give to the poor, if you believe no businessman is successful without government help, then you are an Obamabot of the first order and agree with Hillary Clinton’s ridiculous assertion that businesses don’t create jobs, and that only proves you are incapable of learning.

Mass. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton are all of the same ilk pandering for votes from the lower class that wants more government handouts rather than jobs.  All three use their positions in government to destroy the businesses of their political opponents while they give taxpayer money to their friends for their businesses.  As Democrats have crushed businesses like coal, oil, and others for no other reason than to reduce their ability to donate to Republicans, they have taken billions of borrowed taxpayer dollars to give to their friend’s business that fail.

The great prosperity that Reaganomics brought to the country in the eighties and nineties, and lasted into the 2000s despite fighting wars, is dying with government in the hands of Democrats.  Listen to what Hillary says because this is the essence of the “you didn’t build that” speech Obama gave in 2012.

Hillary – “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses create jobs.  You know that old theory of trickle-down economics.  That has been tried.  It has failed.”

Hillary says, “…businesses do not create jobs”

Since taking office, Obama has given $800 billion a year to Wall Street in borrowed taxpayer dollars.  How does that make you feel to have the people you voted for under the guise of taking from the rich to give to the poor be taking from the middle class to give to the rich after buying the vote of the poor?  If you are part of the middle class that has seen its income be reduced in the last eight years and you don’t understand that Democrats are responsible for this, then you are lost.

Obama excites supporters with complete lack of understanding business

America is in the throes of an idiocracy wherein the people who are lazy, envious, and greedy are choosing a government that shakes down businesses by demanding they support Democrats if they want to operate.  Taking money from honest people and giving it to their friends is no different than gangsters.  Stealing from the rich is not stopping corruption, it is corruption.

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