CNN skank exalts gleefully in sexual assault of Bristol Palin

Costello on Bristol Palin Rape - CNN

CNN anchorwoman, Carol Costello, laughs at the sexual assault of Gov. Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, who was brutally attacked in a night club by a stranger.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, was sexually assaulted in a night club by a stranger who knocked her down and lifted her by her feet exposing her thong to the crowd and calling her a slut.  CNN’s anchorwoman, Carol Costello, glorified this sexual assault the conservative governor’s daughter.  By whatever name leftists call themselves, whatever they say they believe, this is how you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that being on the right is godly.  Here in plain sight is how you know a person is evil when they take pleasure in another’s pain.

Only people of the Left would gloat over another’s pain because of their ideology.  Only people of the Left would be so blatantly two-faced over the rape of an innocent woman.  Only people of the Left would use the media as the voice of evil to demean the virtuous.  When you fight against people like this, you know you are morally right and your cause just.

Listen to the hatred of this CNN anchorwoman lauding the rape of Bristol Palin

Carol Costello’s vicious bile, soulless glee, heartless spite of Bristol Palin nullifies any protestation by women of the left against rapists and wife beaters.  Is it any wonder they support Islam over Christianity?  Glorifying the rape of any woman, even an evil woman, is an act of evil.  This is something you will never hear from the Right, but you hear it constantly from the Left.

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(Author’s note: It has been pointed out to me that, by labelling this woman a ‘skank,’ I am stooping to their level.  I am not a politician, nor am I reporting news.  This is opinion, something to which everyone is entitled to have their own (unless you’re a liberal and then anyone who disagrees with you must be silenced and destroyed).

I have to disagree that I am getting anywhere near as lowly as this person.  More importantly, someone being this disgustingly heinous not only deserves, but needs to be slapped in the face very hard.  Pussy footing around liberal’s self-righteous hypocrisy gets us nothing but their spite.

They strive to shut down, not only righteous opinion, but the truth.  If this headline gets people’s attention so that they know what kind of people leftists truly are, then that is better than trying to stay classy and above the fray.  You can’t win the culture war if you aren’t willing to get in the mud and wrestle them down rather than stand above while they sling it at you.)

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