Democrats stand convicted of bearing false witness in Ferguson

NAACP lynching flyer - WNCN

A flyer depicting a lynching of Obama if Republicans win is, like the lies and riots told in Ferguson, meant to gin up the hate of black Democrats to turn out at the polls.

Trayvon Martin, the War on Women, campaigning against Obama’s policies that are their own, and especially the shooting in Ferguson of Michael Brown, all stand out in the annals of liberal Democrat’s spreading lies, deceits, and denial of truth, not just to reach the pinnacle of sin, but to the depths of depravity.  Those who manufactured these shams, along with those who perpetuate them, have a special place in Satan’s heart.  Portraying the guilty as innocent and the innocent as guilty is not just a simple lie, but the very epitome of evil.

O’Reilly interviews two black “pastors” who believe lies require a trial

As Bernie Goldberg says, this is not about justice because the facts don’t matter, and they wouldn’t care if there was a video of Brown doing exactly what the officer attested.  These two scumbags saying they are suspicious of facts of the case “being leaked out” is total horsesh*t as these facts have been known from the beginning.  More than anything else, Rush Limbaugh is correct in stating that this is a black voting drive to gin up their criminal base to go to the polls in November.

There is no sincerity in demanding the policeman must be persecuted in court to exonerate him.  A trial is not required to prove someone innocent, only to prove someone guilty.  The truth stands alone against the lies of Ferguson blacks who riot and threaten to riot more unless a righteous man is crushed by black injustice.  If that’s what it takes to live with these leftists then there will be no peace with them.  The only way to deal with criminals of this ilk would be banishing them from the America they hate so much and ship them to Liberia where they belong.

Justice for Michael Brown – the facts in black and white

Desperate Dems turn to fraud, race baiting

Democrats feed the hydra, Obama says ‘tear down this fence’

Democrats work to silence dissent on YouTube to keep lies from being exposed

Liberals Backwards Think

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