MSNBC says Americans are racist if they don’t let ISIS, Ebola into USA

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The Obama regime tells people that the only way to keep Ebola in West Africa is to open the border to immigrants from West Africa.  Without Obama on the ballot, Democrats say they have nothing to do with his policies that people have finally realized are damaging America.  Despite this, Obama avows that his policies are on the ballot and those who deny supporting him are only doing so to get re-elected.

Count on liberals to do the stupid thing and promote immigration of diseased Central Americans, Islamic State terrorists, and Ebola infected Africans.  On MSNBC, Howard Fineman told Chris Matthews on Hard Ball, who agreed with him, that stopping people from coming into America, even those from the Islamic terror state and carrying diseases, is racism.  It didn’t seem possible, but liberal stupidity has attained new heights.

Fineman: “The brown people coming from the south, the Arab people coming from the East, black people coming from Africa, nobody’s saying that in so many words, nobody is saying it at all, but it’s in the background of every discussion and everybody knows how this country operates.”

MSNBC says America is racist if they deny entry to Islamic terrorists and Ebola

The argument that, to keep Ebola from spreading to the United States, people from the West African countries of the outbreak must be allowed to travel here is insanely stupid.  This same stupidity is why those exposed to Ebola are travelling on planes, ships, and around town wondering until they become symptomatic.  There is no quarantine to safeguard American citizens, which is the only sane and reasonable precaution to be made, and the Obama regime is not only avoiding a quarantine, but is actually assisting in the spread of exposures to the disease.

Why are leftists promoting the exposure of Americans to diseases from West Africa and Central America?  The people most likely to be affected by it are their own voters.  This is worse that the depredations of rioters in Ferguson, Mo.

Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin are both criminals who were shot dead while committing assaults.  The racist media portrayed them as victims of race hatred, video and audio were deceitfully edited to support this lie, and riots by the ignorant ensued.  Now the people of Ferguson are demanding the government rebuild the businesses in their town that they looted and destroyed.  The good people of America say, “F*ck ‘em!  They made their bed, now they can lie in it.”

It is not the responsibility of the good citizens who are not racist and would not riot, which is the vast majority of Americans, to pay to pick them up after they trashed their neighborhood.  These people must learn “you don’t sh*t where you eat.”  They live in this country and they don’t just disrespect this country and its citizens, they are filled with hatred for America and white people.

If that’s how they feel then they should go back to Africa, Arabia, and Central America and make their own countries better places to live.  This reporter, who fully supported Martin Luther King, Jr.’s quest to end discrimination against blacks, is equally set against discrimination and racism by blacks.

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