Sen Ted Cruz went from last October’s pariah to November’s sage

In October, Sen Ted Cruz and the TEA Party were radical rightwing terrorist whackos holding the people hostage and denying them healthcare.  This month he and they are the honest sages that spoke the truth about the disaster that is ObamaCare and its lying creator.  Democrats were all shouting, “ObamaCare is the law of the land!”  Now they want its mandates delayed interminably, while Obama is violating the law again saying that insurance companies can re-issue the policies ObamaCare law cancelled, knowing full well that they can’t, but setting them up to take the fall for his illegal imperial edicts.

Sen. Cruz stands in stark contrast to Obama’s Democrat Senators from so-called Red States.  They, too, now stand against ObamaCare mandates because they fear for their stations as senators.  Demonstrating what qualifies for genius on MSBNC, Toure said that they are concerned about being gerrymandered out of office.  (Gerrymandering is the deliberate manipulation of district lines for House seats to favor one political party over the other.  Senators are voted on by the entire state.)

Sen. Ted Cruz and the TEA Party Christian conservatives are the opposites of President Obama and the liberal atheist socialists that are tearing down America.  Gov. Sarah Palin and many others have been telling the truth about ObamaCare for years, and only now are people who are not dedicated leftist ideologues coming to realize that fact.  President Obama has been working against America while Barack placates the public saying he is fighting against all these bad policies in Washington.

The only ones having trouble understanding that liberalism is based on lies and deception with the goal of destroying liberty are the moderates/independents who don’t pay attention and are consistently duped.  With the lone exception of Christians, with white men being the lead demographic, men with the same ethics, intelligence, and faith as the Founders, every minority group leans toward liberalism.  America’s destiny may well be to fall to the greed and corruption of the Left sooner rather than later.

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