Obama says 100 million enrolled in ObamaCare, they just don’t know it yet

President Obama announced that 100 million people are members of ObamaCare.  With reports from the crippled website stating that only one hundred thousand people have signed up to date, commentators are wondering to what the president is referring.  Last week, Megyn Kelly repeated the CBO reports from 2010 that when the business mandate goes into effect next November, more than 100 million people will lose their insurance coverage they obtained through their employer.

Obama says 100 million have enrolled in ObamaCare

Barack has begun referring to ObamaCare by its official title, “The Affordable Care Act.”  Trying to distance President Obama from his signature legislation, revealing that one third of the population will eventually be forced into government health insurance is not something Barack wants people to associate with President Obama.  The president hopes to win absolute control of Congress in the 2014 mid-terms, and moderates of the GOP are hoping to be thrown some crusts of bread from the Democrats table as they feast on the taxpayers.

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