Democrats nuke the Senate, scrub filibuster to pass judges

During the Bush years, Democrats became so contentious and abusive toward Republican judicial nominees that the Republican leaders considered doing away with the filibuster.  At that time, Democrats called such an idea traitorous to the American people and Constitution.  Today, Democrats did exactly that in order to put whatever radical leftist they want on the benches of America’s courts.

Senate Democrats use nuclear option and destroy filibuster rule

Now, with absolute power, Democrats are free to appoint whoever they want to federal courts as jurists, regardless of their qualifications or radical ideological beliefs.  Any communist, racist, or anti-Christian hater they desire will now sit in judgment on American citizens.  With such dictatorial powers, America’s days as the Land of the Free are numbered.  Judges will be appointed who will now pass laws from the bench to seize guns.

Over the last few years, radical leftist jurists have wreaked havoc on the American judicial system, some going so far as to inflict Sharia Law on citizens.  The courts have been rife with liberal judges making law from the bench, ignoring the Constitution, and harming Americans who rightfully follow the Constitution.  These jurists are following the example set by the president who has decided which laws he will and will not uphold.  Obama is guilty of violating numerous laws, such as having his Attorney General sell assault weapons to Mexican drug dealers, as well as refusing to prosecute illegal aliens for entering the country, and going so far as to give them benefits and rights reserved for taxpayers.

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