Nuking America, Obama and Democrats make biggest move to establish dictatorship

In his most blatant act of betrayal of the trust of the American people, President Obama supported Sen. Reid’s nuking the filibuster rule for judicial nominees.  Less than ten years ago, Senator Obama was one of many Democrats, including Reid, who called the idea of scrapping the filibuster an act of treason.  They described such an act as the kind of power grab enacted by dictators.

Hannity replays Obama lying about respect for American law

Krauthammer says, “Democrats will rue the day”

It is obvious that this act will result in whichever party is in power having absolute power over the other and capable of passing laws that are destructive to the American people.  It is equally obvious that Democrats will only regret this act if they lose control of government.  This act is the clearest indication that Democrats plan on establishing a dictatorship in the near future.

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