Liberal efforts to paint the TEA Party as bigots is a projection of themselves

TEA Party ideology and what liberals imagine its members to believe are exactly opposite.  On the Tonight Show Friday, Nov 15, Jay Leno spoke with his guest Bill O’Reilly of the O’Reilly Factor about President Obama and the disaster of ObamaCare.  One of Leno’s statements to O’Reilly was that he doesn’t like it when people hope Obama fails and then taking pleasure in in his fall.

That is NOT what members of the TEA Party do!  They and their “Big Voice on the Right,” Rush Limbaugh, all hoped he would fail to advance his socialist agenda.  But Obama has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, and that is why America is failing!

What member of the TEA Party said, and why they formed after Obama’s election, was that his socialism would fail!  Now that it is happening as ObamaCare crashes and burns, TEA Partiers are not gloating.  They are shouting, “Do you see it yet?”

This is not celebration of America’s failure, it is celebration of the vindication of TEA Party ideology that the Obama government controlling anything is a sham, but that it’s all about seizing more taxes to add to the trillions stolen from taxpayers to give to his cronies.  They continue to be abhorrent over people who continue to give Obama a pass because Barack says it’s not his fault.  How many times must someone pee on your feet before you stop believing them when they tell you it is raining?

Liberals assume that Obama wants to make the country better.  They ignore his history, his character, and his beliefs, all of which are the ideas of a fool who thinks he knows better than experts.  This entire fiasco of a presidency verifies that liberal ideology is based entirely on the immaturity of the arrogance of the ignorant, and conservatives can only hope and pray that people will open their eyes to the truth before America collapses.  The only bigots in this crowd are the liberal hordes who spew hatred at anything conservative or Christian in America.

O’Reilly on Leno

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