Megyn Kelly reports that Obama continues lying about people losing insurance

On “The Kelly File” Monday night, Nov. 18, 2013, on FOX News, Megyn Kelly exposed President Obama’s continuing lies about how many people will be losing their health insurance because of ObamaCare.  She reported that as Obama was telling people that only a few million would lose coverage because the grandfather clause in ObamaCare was inadequate, his DoJ attorneys were arguing in federal court that when the employer mandate is initiated upwards of one hundred million would lose their insurance.  President Obama delayed the employer mandate by executive order until after the 2014 mid-term elections.

Megyn Kelly reports Obama lying about ObamaCare grandfather clause

After the uproar about millions of individuals losing their coverage, President Obama announced that the individual mandate would also be deferred for one year and put the onus on insurance companies to reinstate the policies they liked.  Insurance companies say they cannot do so without enormous expense and are not certain they can violate the law on the president’s say so.  The news that a hundred million people would lose their insurance coverage and be rolled into ObamaCare is not new as Forbes reported three years ago this was what Obama intended his signature legislation to do all along.

Forbes reported ObamaCare cancelling insurance in 2010

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