Obama commands liberal media to glorify him and ObamaCare

Calling in his sycophants to the White House, President Obama ordered them to stop their critical stories of ObamaCare and blame his failures on Republicans and insurance companies.  Obeying the Affordable Care Act law, insurance companies were forced to cancel millions of individual policies.  Now President Obama is commanding them to stop saying they are cancelling policies, but “reforming” them into ObamaCare enrollees.

Obama commands his media slaves to stop criticizing ObamaCare

Repugnant media personalities from MSNBC and the Black Caucus were in attendance to receive their marching orders.  Obama needs the public to believe he is the solution rather than the problem so he can win control of the full Congress in November before the ObamaCare business mandate goes into effect and over a hundred million people lose their insurance.  Juan Williams, formerly of NPR until he spoke against the president’s policies was also there from FOX News where he has dutifully spoken only positively of the president since being fired from his previous position.  Unlike MSNBC which only speaks the lies directed by Obama, FOX News invites liberals to talk so people can hear the difference between intelligent, moral thought and leftist lies, deception, and misinformation.

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