Black gangs roam streets looking for victims for ‘Obama game’

President Obama’s biggest supporters are preying on the innocent in what Democrat media are calling a “game” that is deadly.  While walking past a defenseless, unwary victim or sneaking up on them from behind, blacks are smashing people in the head.  Most are knocked unconscious to the ground from severe concussion and several have died.  Black teens around the country are cheering this on and hoping to participate while the government is doing next to nothing to stop this rampage.

Col. Allen West comments on black attacks

These Trayvon Martin wannabes may start getting to share his fate as their attacks move into areas where people are armed and ready to defend themselves against these bands of thugs.  People, especially those living in black neighborhoods, had best be taking defensive actions such as avoiding groups of blacks and watching out behind them for attackers.  Obama and his government are doing nothing to stop these attacks, but by their silent consent are urging them to become worse.

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